“Geomapped” Naples: here it is worth investing with projects just a click away

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Platform developed by Ance. The “possibilities” are over a thousand

of Anna Paola Merone

What’s going on in town? And in the metropolitan area? Where is it worth investing and in what direction will the development of the territory be oriented? These are some of the questions answered by the “Database of Economic Initiatives in Progress in the Naples Area – Geomapping”. Si.M.Pr.E. Construction project monitoring system is implemented by Ance Naples with the financial assistance of the Chamber of Commerce and photographs the entrepreneurial and economic initiatives in progress in the city and in the 92 municipalities of the metropolitan city. An instantly usable and easy-to-consult tool, capable of being updated in real time which “freezes” the data collected from 31 March of this year. A threshold was defined for the selection of works: projects with a value of more than 7.5 million were taken into account, initiatives involving the purchase of equipment or means or the provision of services, with the exception of complex programs under another is the historic center of UNESCO. of Naples and the major redevelopment project of the Domitio-Flegreo coast. The database identified 1,063 projects, of which 547 are geo-referenced on the digital map and about 44% of the total fall within the territory of the municipality of Naples. Over 40% of the works are of a restructuring or redevelopment character. In addition, about 42% of the projects (450) have an infrastructural character, followed by jobs for school education, social services and well-being.

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As for the progress of the works, excluding the Metropolitan City’s strategic plan projects, 19.3% are still in the planning phase, 18 are in progress, and in 2.6% of cases the works have been stopped or blocked. “With this project, we have created an infrastructure of knowledge, a photo of the projects expressed by the metropolitan area – explains President Ance Napoli Angelo Lancelotti – that should consider both public and private issues when making investment decisions. Take from the mapping of interventions we develop trends, mostly spontaneous, from the area we need observers, interpreters and, if necessary, corrections, what is missing and what is strategic. We can not fossilize on Bagnoli, but we must implement tools that allow us “It is hoped that a new building code or variant of the city plan will soon come to light”.

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A series of data are also examined, including the flight from Naples, an emigration that Mayor Gaetano Manfredi reads “with the inability to provide relevant employment responses to those who have studied at our universities, which offer a level of education, but in the In the world of work he does not find career prospects, but there is also the need for low-income earners, he adds, to seek housing solutions at lower costs. The aim of the administration is, also in the review of the master plan and in the recovery programs of abandoned areas, to draw attention to the question of subsidized construction and social housing, because the house is a central issue in matters of rights and for economic development. of Naples “. Manfredi reads “Mapping” through the eyes of an engineer and understands its general scope: “It is an important tool because it uses digital technologies that guarantee maximum accessibility, transparency and the ability to build common paths.I especially in this phase in which there are also large investments and great opportunities for the transformation of cities also associated with the NRP. And it presents us with a reality we can no longer turn our backs on: the public without the private sector can not do it. Having these advanced tools will surely help the dialogue between institutions, businesses and citizens. ”

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April 29, 2022 | 08:03


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