“Funds for the Paritarians? It means school equality” – Turin Haut

“We share and create our own concepts expressed by the Free School Movement.” Excessive Resources for Private Schools (sic) “is a refrain we returned to recently to read in the news: it is not just an aggressive and careful language to use the words of the movement’s statement “includes all the associations involved in schooling and education; it is a language that expresses a wrong concept,” said Silvio Magliano, leader of the Moderates in the Regional Council.
“The sums paid out in favor of the public system of Italian schools, of which both public schools and school equality are an integral part, are still, if at all, small, in Piedmont as in the rest of Italy. It is the Private school, a well-founded concept other than the Paritaria school, must not and must not be financed by the state and the regions, as this is expressly forbidden by law. The region and the state can and must, however, finance. , so the free choice of education guarantees families “.
“The school equal is the pillar of the public system and is essential for its stability. Without school equality, the whole system would collapse. An equal student costs the state much less than the 7 thousand euros needed for a pupil of the public school; the same pupil who attends the same schools, whose families regularly pay taxes to finance the public school, asks for resources for those who go there instead.
“This is to limit the discussion only to the calculation of resources. But the question is much broader: a broader education offer than a hypothetical state monopoly is of the same, we are convinced, a value for a pluralistic and democratic Society “.

“We want to reach a point where, in the end, the facts are no longer discussed, as opinions may be. We oppose any attempt to oppose two rights, such as the right to education and the right to choose for families. the pedagogical path of their children, and we reject any narrative that attempts to pass on the fact that there are or will be funds for the freedom of education (with the approval of our agenda we engaged Giunta Cirio for an additional three Million euros over the next three years to guarantee a proper school equality and a number of students who receive enrollment and attendance scholarships that can increase by several hundred) for an item that has the same sacrosanct right to full coverage “of the funds needed to provide vouchers for school supplies for the benefit of the disabled. of whose funding we have always struggled to always focus on the situation and Piedmontese,” concludes Magliano.

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