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TREVISO – With the conclusion of theCompletion exam he also finished his Learning workthe last of those and one of the most prestigious high school della Marca, op “Canova” by Treviso.

We remain teachers always: an Thoughts an an Hearts of generations of Students met and accompanied many yearsthe. Especially if you practiced Lesson from Plutarch: “The Students they are not ship filled but Torches to the light“. As it has done for forty years Fulvio ErvasProfessors and writers.

How do you feel when you leave school?

It is a truly strange sensation: on the one hand one can breathe freedom, because one leaves the catastrophes of the school bureaucracy and on the other hand one recognizes the break with a world that is nevertheless rich, full of proposals. Every teacher who loves this work knows that a flow of relationships, of hearts connected, of commitment and of course of effort is interrupted, but all choices and everything are repaid.

Did you choose the teaching profession or did it come naturally?

I graduated in agricultural sciences and my destiny should be to pursue the farmers or, at worst, to be a chicken and turkey feed representative. For almost a year, I tried to follow companies in the flower-crèche sector, but I realized that this was not my world: Nobody listened to you. You were paid to give advice, but every entrepreneur had his own idea, often volatile. I tried with the school. Temporary exchanges, and it was useful for me to communicate something. And there I stayed …

How many years have you spent in the classroom? Tiredness, contentment, regret, second thought?

I have been teaching for almost 40 years. A long period that allowed us to observe social changes, behaviors, even the emotions of the complex world of young people. Their changes are changes in families, in society. They are a great source of teachers. The teaching staff is without a doubt a challenging profession, contrary to what ordinary citizens think. And it is not a profession for everyone. It requires energy, the ability to read individual characters into the classroom. It calls for strategies and a clear goal: to contribute to the growth of a good, mature and informed citizen. I never thought I was in the wrong job. Of course, sometimes I didn’t quite understand a lot of students and maybe I didn’t find it helpful; many times I could not collaborate with other teachers. But the balance, in all honesty, remains positive and I would make the same choice.

How do you envisage the school for the coming years? Already before: What do you wish it could be?

The limits I seem to see today in school are due to the lack of a real selection, at the entrance, of the teachers, who verify not only the disciplinary knowledge but also the educational skills, and at the same time I see the persistence of the distance between school and the real world. I also have the clear feeling that the school is pursuing, and unfortunately at a distance, the present and even less projected into the future scenario. I’m aware that it’s difficult, but even trying to go in that direction, I’m thinking of the alternation between school and work, but the two speeds are still too unequal. I hope for a school that knows how to start from the present time and connects it with our past and not the other way around. I hope for a school in which teachers, subjects with strong individualism, know how to really blend into their work. I am thinking, in my case, of the artificial distance that still exists between “humanistic” and “scientific” education. And then I hope that the state exam dissolves into its current form, for the most part just ritual.

And now: writing and gardening (cultivate one from an authentic manual, Ed)?

It will not be easy to reorganize life with the inconvenience of the bell, the formulas written on the board, the homework and the mistakes, even funny ones, of the students (and me). The garden remains my continuing education, the physical place where I learn from other living things and reflect on the changes in the world. The place where you have to pay attention to get a result. Writing has been with me for over twenty years. A fundamental company. A way to explore the world. I always wrote in my spare time from school engagements. Who knows what it will be like to write in the morning, this is the time for the best creativity. I might find that the source of the greatest inspiration was school life!

His famous inspector is about to land on RAI screens: will it be a series?

They are working on turning Stucky into a television format film series. A sequence of episodes, all based on a novel by the inspector. We hope the project will be completed soon.

A few more previews: a new novel?

One month ago, the ninth installment of the Inspector novels was released. It seems to me the most beautiful Stucky: I need, while Covid, a bubbly company and the inspector.

Always keep an eye on our country …

I believe I describe the Marca Trevigiana, and the Veneto, with a particular eye, connected with hearts, and with a critical attitude. It seems to me a duty, for a writer, with respect to the territory he loves. I have opened two novels, I will decide which one I will focus on. But these days, I get taken out of the garden with the tomato sauce. Nothing to do with the supermarket!

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