Frosinone province gets another loan of over 1,650,000 euros

(PressMoliLaz) Frosinone, 20 July 22 Another loan from the NRP funds as part of the program to improve the provision of education services and in connection with the plan for infrastructures for sports in schools.

Is that from 1,659,483 Euro received from the province of Frosinone for the construction of a new gymnasium at the Institute of Cassino ‘San Benedetto’ and via Casilina North, a school that currently accommodates about 400 students and includes the buildings of the Ipseoa (State Professional Institute for Food and Wine and Hotel Hospitality) and the Ita (Agricultural Technical Institute).

The new infrastructure, which covers a total area of over 880 square meters, is equipped with an area for teachers with relative toilets; a student service area, with changing rooms, toilets and showers; an area for health care and medical examinations and one for the storage of tools and materials. In addition, the dimensions and characteristics of the gymnasium will be such that it can contain a regular basketball court and the structure can also be used by other schools as well as by the community, so that not only represents an added value for the institute. (currently lacking a gym) but an equipped and safe space that can serve the entire population and organize initiatives and events.

More attention and commitment from the province is directed to the city of Cassino, where the body of Piazza Gramsci channeled some 27 million euros in funding for six schools in the martyr city.

“Another important sign is the comment of the President of the Province Antonio Pompeo – not only to show that the provinces are alive and efficient, but that they have the great ability to attract resources for the benefit of the territories. With additional funding linked to the NRP, we are continuing the work that is already being done in one of the most delicate, strategic and fundamental sectors for the growth of our country and the education of tomorrow’s citizens.

“A new, safe and welcoming space built by the new gym built in Cassino IIS, – reiterates the Provincial Councilor Delegate School Building, Enrico Pittiglio – but above all a place for society and sharing, in which to cultivate a great and healthy passion for sport “.

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