From the sports consultation to the Bacchettoni gym: here are Marchini’s suggestions

A sports consultation, priority at the Bacchettoni gym and a summer community swim. These are some of the ideas of civic engagement for Lucca that Celestino Marchiniin case of a victory he would continue as sports adviser.

“School education also includes sports education for the development of the personality of young people. Sport is a formidable tool for integration and growth: We have seen for years that some of our schools do not have gym classes, that our city has many sports facilities and gym classes. , who do not lack maintenance – explains Marchini – no.In the medium term, the city of Lucca must offer young people and the elderly the opportunity to practice in appropriate spaces possibly all sports disciplines that involve sports associations and promotional bodies in the management of gymnastics classes, during after-school classes. All areas used for individual or collective sports will be subject to specific design evaluations to make them accessible, safe and well maintained. It is also necessary to strengthen the structures that are already present on the river, to evaluate the possible integrations in the river park “.

“They were exposed various critical topics in the world of sports in Lucca, which complains about a strong lack of interest in the municipal government of Lucca. Positive initiatives like you Sportsrot, remained on paper because they did not actually give the desired results with its activation. Similarly, the project, which encouraged the motor activity of the elderly, only started on paper for the denegation of the municipal government – further Marchini -. The outreach administration could not resolve its internal divisions to avoid conflict between the world of sports and disability and was ineffective in implementing projects that encourage physical education and play schools, compared to neighboring communities. It is also necessary to prepare transparent rules for the distribution of sports facilitieswhich require at least ten years of concessions to make large investments. ”

“A particular first challenge will be the deliberative territorial Forum, which consists of a number of competent subjects, to systematize the programmatic actions of the coming years, which must be shared with the community, rather than to determine a small number of acolytes, which often represent only themselves. Setting up this deliberation table will transform sports in our city, as has happened in other cities – Marchini continues -. Do Sports Consultation will be part of the deliberative territorial forum, to be the pillar and decisions regarding the world of sports in Lucca, to participate with their own addresses in addition to consultative opinions on important decisions about the world of sports in Lucca, also in the distribution of the economic resources, provides for a budget chapter participated reserved for projects and initiatives directly elected by the Sports Council “.

“As far as sports and school are concerned, it is necessary for sports associations and promotion bodies, by agreement and cooperation with school complexes of all orders and grades, to involve the afternoon of the school facilities, including of students – he says once again to Marchini. -. During the Large chunks it is a priority realization, it must become the gymnasium of the city. In the school timetable, which is intended for schools, in the other premises for sports clubs through a special concession, as well as a landing point for citizens who want to play sports on the walls. Then you need to build two swimming pools: one for people with disabilities, in a suitable place in terms of accessibility, and a summer council swimwhich can be built in the river park at the Fattoria degli Albogatti.

“Then there is a need for redevelop existing multi-purpose facilities and build lifestyles in the area, in such a way as to provide every citizen of every faction a sports-motor aggregation point, and reach within ten minutes by bike and find a place for sporting activities, today without a suitable facility. It is necessary an exceptional maintenance program gradually making all sports facilities accessible to the public and completing the fire prevention adaptation, seismic vulnerabilities and seismic improvement / adaptation of all school halls. We want you then Sports Museum Motorsport associated with Barsanti and Matteucci (sports culture-tourism combination). For our favorite clubs, we want instead of renovating the stadium and building a new sports hall with 5,000 spectators, multi-purpose also for non-sporting shows, through a balanced financial project that does not burden the municipal budget. . “.

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