From the region 400 thousand euros for sporting and cultural initiatives

War published yesterday the regional call for 400 thousand euros for the implementation of sporting and cultural initiatives for students of the Lazio school system and IefP system. Recognized or unrecognized associations (excluding political parties and trade unions), state or equal schools or bodies of the regional vocational education and training system may participate in the public announcement by submitting project proposals in a single form. The aim of the projects is to raise awareness among young people about the problems of prevention and the fight against prevention and the fight against school leaving, violence and discrimination of any kind. The recipients of the initiatives are students from first and second grade secondary, equal in public schools or institutions that present three-year courses of education and vocational training (IeFP) in the regional territory. The projects have to be implemented over the school year 2021-2022. Applications can be submitted from Monday, February 7, 2022 to 5:00 PM and Tuesday, March 8, 2022 at 9:00 AM. Each application can have a maximum of 20 thousand euros, in particular for each individual project there will be an allocation of: up to 10 thousand euros in case there is an adhesion of a school / institution; up to 20 thousand euros in case there is the adhesion of two or more schools / institutions.

“With this 400 thousand euro call – declares the Commissioner for Work and New Rights, Training and Education of the Lazio Region, Claudio Di Berardino – we want to finance the implementation in our territory of education and training projects, based on the organization of events and manifestations of a sporting nature such as competitions and tournaments, and social and cultural nature such as concerts, theater performances and debates. The aim is to raise awareness among students and to raise awareness about issues such as youth violence and discriminatory behavior in general. We want to increase the experimental and cultural baggage of girls and boys and create more opportunities for society, participation and discussion among students. In addition, as a region, we reserve the right to integrate the resources allocated with additional resources. “

“This public notice – continues the Commissioner – is part of the new program of the European Social Fund Plus (ESF +), to combat the phenomenon of juvenile violence and more generally all discriminatory behavior in the sexual, political, religious, social, ethnic spheres, by organizing events at the regional Territories associated with topics that see the participation of schools of all levels in accredited training institutes in the context of compulsory education and the participation of subjects of territorial associations “.

“As a Lazio region,” said the commissioner, “we want to raise awareness among students and raise awareness of everyday issues through playful and creative moments, thereby creating opportunities for socialization and sharing, outside of school hours. “.

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