From the Ministry 1 million and 800 thousand euros for the new gym Di Vittorio

The Di Vittorio Hotel Institute in Ladispoli will have the first gym in its history. the building of the system.A strong and precise commitment I made to the student representatives, to whom I thank them for their involvement and interest, and to the school management.Finally, the students of our territory can engage in physical activity in school execute “. This was stated by Alessio Pascucci, Councilor of Ladispoli and Councilor of the Metropolitan City of Rome Capital.

“After years of battles, months ago, meeting with the representatives of the students of Di Vittorio Diego Corradini and Matteo Guerrini Institute and the director Vincenza La Rosa I made a commitment – said Alessio Pascucci – Di Vittorio, one of the excellence of our high school, would have its school gym.I find it a pity that a high school, which is visited every day by thousands of students, does not have suitable space for physical activity.Therefore, I immediately contacted the Metropolitan City of Rome Capital, the competent body, working to prepare the project and participate with the Ladispoli school in the announcement of the ministry.Today the news is that the project was funded for 1,883,286.62 euros.I would like to emphasize that the Metropolitan City has only one “Project was able to present on that call. And among the many schools in the 121 communes of Rome and its province, we chose Di Vittorio”.

“For these great achievements,” concludes Pascucci, “I would like to thank the Mayor of the Metropolitan City, Roberto Gualtieri, the Deputy Mayor Pierluigi Sanna, and the Managing Director of School Buildings, Sports Facilities and Training Policy, Daniele Parrucci, who immediately acknowledged the request. From the territory and the students of Ladispoli, I would like to thank the Executive Engineer Claudio Dello Vicario, who always followed the entire project process with extreme professionalism and availability. Valentini worked for the development and rights of the territories of Cerveteri and Ladispoli.Many young people, such as Matteo Guerrini, representatives of the students who graduated this year, fought for this result for many years.I tell them all Thank you, especially those who have just left the institute, without ever having any activities in a gym to make dio. We invite them all to the inauguration of the opera. “

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