From the Lazio region 13 million euros for education, culture and education of young people

There are 5 calls addressed to Lazio students from the region to promote the education, training and cultural development of young people. The interventions are funded by the POR FSE Lazio 2014-2020 and PR Lazio FSEplus 2021-2027 funds, for a total of 13 million euros, divided as follows:

The bonus for enrollment in universities in Lazio

5 million euros for the “Support for enrollment in universities in Lazio for deserving graduates”, now in its second edition. The recipients of the intervention are newly graduated students who have obtained the Secondary Degree of Second Degree of Public and Education with a mark equal to or higher than 95/100, who in 2022 decide in the first year at one of the universities on the territory of the Lazio region. A one-time bonus of € 700 is provided for them

Sports Initiatives

2 million euros for the tender for the implementation of sporting and cultural initiatives for students of the Lazio school system and LefP system. The note finances the implementation of educational / training projects based on the organization of events / events of a sporting nature (competitions, tournaments, etc.), social and cultural (concerts, theater performances, debates, etc.). in the territory of the Lazio region. Proposals must be submitted by state or peer schools or bodies of the regional education system of vocational education and training. The recipients of the initiatives are first- and second-level students equal in state high schools or institutions that manage three-year courses of education and vocational training.

Literature and cultural socialization

2 million euros for the “Project Education and Culture: Readings and Literature Production”, now in its second edition. The purpose of this notification is to encourage the creation of moments of literary and cultural aggregation and socialization that enhance personal and social well-being, opportunities for socialization and learning related to access to the world of books and printed paper for young people. to increase. Generations on a wide range of topics in the publishing houses that contribute to the initiative. There are two specific objectives: on the one hand, to promote out-of-school courses, to promote knowledge and education, through meetings, seminars, workshops on current topics with topics and professions in the book world; on the other hand, by strengthening and restoring the valuable book heritage, supporting initiatives to strengthen small craft businesses in the sector, creating opportunities for growth and renewal.

Money for the diffuse theater Proietti

2 million euros for the diffuse theater “Gigi Proietti” – Experimental note for the activation of training and dissemination workshops in the communal theaters of Lazio. The aim of this announcement is to strengthen the presence, function and role of communal theaters as places to generate knowledge for young people and adults in the different territorial and cultural contexts of the region. The aim is to spread and raise awareness among young people and students through the world of theater (its historical and cultural, artistic and social function in the territories) on contemporary issues that affect the condition of young people (eg bullying and cyberbullying, early school leaving, vulnerabilities and behavioral fragility). The use of skills (workers, scenographers, artistic directors, etc.), which are spread throughout the region, linked to the professions of the theater sector, will also be favored, which will improve the working opportunities for those who are today in different Capacities in the theater world work, often at times, through their occupation in teaching and laboratory activities.


2 million euros for the public opinion “ORIENTARE”. Implementation of promotion and dissemination events in the field of education and employment for first and second grade high school students, IeFp, ITS, University of Lazio. This call is intended to support and enhance promotional initiatives in the educational and cultural field through the publication of scholarships for the realization of training seminars, workshops and laboratories within events / festivals / fairs, already planned or organized in the Lazio region. the proponent himself (or in the context of “container” events organized by other parties, and which – under the conditions laid down in the public notice – may also include this initiative), focuses on the thematic areas of the Educational orientation and employment opportunities, social inclusion to raise awareness of the opportunities of the Lazio region with PR ESF + 2021-2027 funding.

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