From illustrated books to building DICE and STORYTELLING CARDS (online creative workshop) – Accredited

The WebLab is an online art lab, accredited by MIUR (4 hours) and is aimed at teachers, educators and educators to assist in the design of an activity based on the methodology of storytelling, through the construction of DICE and STORYTELLING CARDS.

How do you “build” a story? What can we start by stimulating Creativity and the children’s attention when building, inventing or reconstructing the characters of a story that becomes unique and unrepeatable?

A great help comes from the picture books: together with the children reading and commenting, they can be a starting point for the construction of two tools that are very simple to do, but with great efficiency and pedagogical-pedagogical impact.

We’re talking about you DICE and STORYTELLING CARDS: each side of the die, or any map, represents a place, a character, an object.

By rolling the dice or drawing a card, each child can bring his or her own story to life.

There is oneStorytelling activities very engaging: children are stimulated in their creativity, in the ability to organize thoughts, concentrate, express their emotions.

Achieve Children become protagonists of their learning in a nice game that also helps them relate to others.

For these reasons, the Professional Academy has organized a WebLab (practical and creative online laboratory), through which the speaker, starting with some illustrated books, will build a DICE and live some STORYTELLING CARDS together with the participants.

These activities can also be re-proposed to stimulate younger children, their verbal and creative abilities, starting with the use of lines, shapes and colors.

There is one accredited online course (4 training hours), present on the Sofia Platform (ID: 70092) e also available with the learning card.

WebLab (Online Art Workshop) – MIUR accredited course (4 hours)


Let’s build DICE and STORYTELLING CARDS together (History)

When: Thursday, March 17, 2022

Hours: from 5 pm to 7 pm

Modality: Online

Lecturer: Dr. Elisa Fiocco (Coordinator of pedagogical and educational services specializing in the promotion of children’s literature. Expert in planning and conducting experiential workshops for children, adolescents and adults), she coordinates a team of professionals engaged in the development of talents. Through creative science , artistic, expressive, self-knowledge and reading activities)

OFFER: 15% DISCOUNT for registrations until March 4, 2022

LIMITED Plaze (to ensure moments of confrontation and interaction with the teacher and other participants)

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  • WE BUILD DICE AND STORYTELLING CARD TOGETHER (Teachers are given practical information on how to do it, personalize it and use it in the classroom).

In particular, we will focus on:

  • Acquisition of simple techniques;
  • how it is used effectively in all disciplines (not only Italian, but also mathematics, geometry, history, geography, science, English, civil war, art and painting).

By acollective art experiencewhich we have called WebLab, participants can develop an alternative approach that it can be offered both in kindergarten and in the first years of primary school.

Like this Approaches stimulate creativity and can also be “proposed” in other contexts: creative workshops, playful moments, etc.

NB This is not a traditional formation. The purpose of this WebLab is create shared paths and create an exchange of information between the speaker and the participants.

WebLab: Collaboration, inclusion, stimulation and creativity in one word.


  • Because the new European key competencies take into account, through this WebLab,Participants teach children how to stimulate and acquire their skills in the areas of expressive, cognitive and symbolic development (functional alphabetic competence, multilingual, personal and social competence in consciousness).
  • Fir learn how to make and use dice and cards, for individual and group activities that allow you to work in an inclusive way, appreciate the talents of each child.
  • Participants are provided in advance the schemes for the realization of DICE and CARDS so you can complete them during the live broadcast.
  • To learn a Design educational workshops that they are a training ground for bumps, a privileged place for active discovery.
  • And get it Accredited Training Certificate (4 hours).


  • The WebLab is a artistic education workshop in online modewhere it is possible to interact live with the teacher and share experiences and didactic material created during the live session.
  • Thursday, March 17, 2022 (from 5 pm to 7 pm) we are live with the teacher.
  • The live session is recorded and available within the next 24 hours to all participants.
  • Each participant receives slides and didactic material prepared by the rapporteur.
  • Spaces are limited to ensure active participation and direct dialogue with the teacher (Available places will be assigned according to the registration order).
  • For the live session the “Zoom” digital platform. The didactic material and video recordings will be available on the other hand in our e-learning platform.
  • The course is accredited by MIUR (4 hours certified training), present on the Sofia platform and can also paid via the teaching staff card (Identification Code: 70092).

Who should not miss?

  • Kindergarten teachers in the first year of primary school
  • Educators
  • Art therapists
  • Atelieristi
  • Anyone interested in learning about a new way to bring art and multidisciplinary language into the classroom (and beyond)

Material required to participate:

  • White A4 sheets
  • Shear
  • Cloverleaf
  • Pens and / or markers
  • Printer (to print DICE and CARD schemes for live streaming)
  • Laminator (recommended but not essential)
  • A medium-sized box or container (eg jar, bag, shoebox)

Terms of payment

  • Transfer
  • Paypal
  • Post
  • Teacher Map


It is necessary to register for the WebLab fill out and send the registration form by e-mail or fax to n. 0376 1582116.


  • 15% Discount when you sign up until Friday, March 4, 2022.
  • Additional 10% discount for 2 or more participants from the same school.


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