Free school package and textbooks for primary school students

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Contributions “Schoulpak” and free textbooks for students in primary school, guide on the services in view of the return to school.

“School Package”

The notice “School package 2022-2023” for the payment of scholarships for the right to study for first and second grade secondary school students living in the municipality of Bagno a Ripoli will be issued this year from the last week of August to the 21 September activated, deadline for submitting the application. The incentive “School Package” aims to support the expenses necessary for school attendance for students enrolled in high schools and high schools (song and high schools) or in vocational education and training courses enrolled in the municipality Bathroom and living. Ripoli, who are not older than 20 years on September 21, 2022 and with a valid ISEE are not more than €15,748.78.

The application must be completed and submitted exclusively online by accessing the service with Spid, Cns, Cie credentials from the municipality website:

For information, please contact the Educational Services Office, 055 / 6390456-363;

Free textbooks for primary school

Pupils attending primary, state or equivalent schools have the right to the free textbooks provided in the circular ministry and accepted by the teaching staff.

The cost of the free supply of books is borne by the student’s residence municipality.

For the school year 2022/2023, paper vouchers will no longer be issued and delivered to students living in the municipality of Bagno a Ripoli: the administration has introduced a dematerialized methodology based entirely on computer systems for the management of book vouchers for the school primary.

For families, it is enough to go to one of the accredited bookstores with the tax code of the child to book and then collect the necessary books.

New bookstores that want to be accredited can register on the Simeal platform of online services:, accepting a discount of 1.3% on the cover prices of ministerial textbooks.

Below is the list of bookstores and activities already connected: Edicolandia di Maria Grazia (Grassina), Tozzetti heirs of Tania Borrani (Grassina), Cartolibreria Tiziana (Antella), Libreria La Gioberti (Florence), Libreria Puntifermi (Florence) , Degl’ Innocenti Matteo (Florence), Via Laura Bookshop (Florence). For information contact the education services: 0556390363.

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