Fratelli d’Italia plays in advance and proposes Massimiliano Simoni as mayoral candidate

This morning, on a sunny spring day, in the Piazza Duomo in Pietrasanta, the joint coordination of the clubs of Pietrasanta and Marina di Pietrasanta, led by their respective presidents, Daniele Spina and Alessandra Mazzei, and after hearing the provincial president Riccardo Giannoni has. and its president regional Fabrizio Rossi, launches the election campaign for the renewal of the mayor and city council of Pietrasanta for 2023, presented as his candidate Massimiliano Simoni National Manager of FdI and head of the party’s entertainment and theater department.

“The choice of Piazza Duomo as Standard it is not a coincidence “- says the brothers of Italy – because it represents for us a symbolic place, in which in the far 2000s, a program of radical renewal of the city of Pietrasanta was launched from the center, which has grown in a few years to bring exponential, material and spiritual wealth to all its citizens.

Simoni’s candidacy, on the other hand, seeks to embrace the moderate right-wing forces that are not reflected in the Giovannetti administration, which are rejected on all fronts – from social, urban planning, education to culture – and arise from the felt need to arrive. a radical change en route to the city of Pietrasanta

“Indeed, in recent years – says candidate Massimiliano Simoni – not only has development stopped, but we are gradually seeing an inevitable decline. The current administration, led by Giovannetti, has rejected all sorts of constructive criticism that we as Majority council at that time have been advanced since early 2019, so the brothers of Italy want to expel from the city government.

Born 1967, with a long political experience behind him – Councilor for the first time in 1996, Councilor for Culture in the First Mallegni Council, Provincial Councilor from 2001 to 2011, for 14 editions at the head of the Versiliana Foundation and for three by Pucciniano – yes would love to answer some questions.

Massimiliano Simoni, you are the first candidate in the Pietrasanta 2023 municipal elections. Why so early?

My request is not premature, but it is functional for a job that we want a logical thread, which is the result of a well-articulated, complete and common project with the citizens. For the municipal elections of 2022, the lists have not yet been closed and in some municipalities definitive programs have been presented. Instead of doing a thorough and serious job, it takes time; It does not make sense to present a program in 40 days, considering that we are going into the summer period and therefore work will start again in October … “

His candidacy marks a tomb with Giovannetti, who strongly supported in 2018. What happened?

It so happened that at that moment we considered the figure of Alberto Giovannetti most appropriate for his political experience in the City Council, as Majority Leader in the last Mallegni Council, and Councilor and Councilor in the first two terms. Unfortunately, we can say today that we made a mistake. You can make a mistake in life. Therefore, we have once again worked responsibly to “change the air” and build an alternative to irresponsible management of public affairs, proposing corrective measures and solutions in the interests of the citizen.

Here’s actually his slogan “CHANGE THE AIR – LISTEN, RESPECT AND SHARE”: Can you explain what these words actually mean?

In Pietrasanta it is necessary to change pace, recover and operating mode who respect social and political rules and diversity: who believe in excellence and at the same time look after the last, believe in quality and invest in the society that promotes the company and invests in the future of the new generations that believe in Tourism and arts, investing in historical and cultural heritage.

In addition, the relationship with the citizens must be restored through listening, respect, but above all through the sharing of projects and ideas with the voters. It is now more necessary than ever if we want to achieve a radical transformation of the current political management that will lead Pietrasanta to an inevitable involving changing the way we function.

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