Forte Bravetta returns to the city, here is the IIS ‘Via Silvestri’ project

ROME – A Memorandum of Understanding between Roma Capitale and the Higher Education Institute ‘Via Silvestri 301’in the XII city hall, for the construction of the didactic project ‘Forte Bravetta, place of memory’ for the expansion of the fort by organizing the school of one permanent exhibition created by the students with 16 informative boards on its history and its transformations, the preparation of a theatrical representation with readings of Documents and letters of those sentenced to deathto conduct the historical-architectural education of the students guided tours open to citizens and the setting up of a space for the projection of Short film ‘A strong silence’, made by the high school at the fortress events. To sign the protocol were today in the Capitol, on the occasion of a press conference in the Sala delle Roberto Gualtierithe Councilor for Agriculture, Environment and Waste Cycle, Sabrina Alfonsi and the teacher Paola Vigorosoin the presence of the president of the XII municipality, Elio Tomassetti. The fort is located in the ‘Parco dei martiri di Forte Bravetta’, a prized botanical park in the ‘Valle dei Casali’ nature reserve, which extends over 10 hectares and which has been part of the heritage of the capital of Rome since 2009. During the Fascist period, the fort was the site of executions of partisans and anti-fascists and represents a highly symbolic place for the city.

I am really happy of the signing of this protocol, is a very nice and important piece of our idea of ​​the city and of the relationship between schools and territory with memory, we really sign with great pleasure,” he said Gualtieri. “The city hall pushed a lot to bring the issue of Forte Bravetta to our attention, work was done with great dedication on all fronts. A beautiful integration between history and memorybecause we believe that schools are not only the central place for training, but true poles of reference and integration in the territory “.

Satisfied Alphonse: “Yesterday we inaugurated the school road in via Puglie, today we are talking about environmental education in a large botanical park but also and above all about historical educationof Fascismof Partisans and the history of the fort and its historical and environmental ensemble: a work that the city must not only see, but also appreciatewith the Visits open to citizens. The regulation of incoming common goods fits exactly in this direction”.

We have been pursuing this goal for several years not only to reopen the school on the territory, but for evaluate a historical asset like Forte Bravetta“, commented vigorous. “We want to educate the children from the point of view of education and al Compliance with the Constitution and remember Partisan and anti-fascist struggle. Forte Bravetta is the emblem of a story that never ends and that must always be remembered, we strive for a permanent exhibition with the 16 panels we created and have been working on since 2019. We want to continue and encourage this project”.

Tomassetti he addresses “a hearty thanks to the school, the manager and the teachers who animate this project. Thanks to the work of those who have now always kept their attention on the fort we have a planning and an agreement for the recovery of the structure: now the municipality is calling schools and associations to decide the destination. Finally Forte Bravetta becomes a place of city importance and no longer just the district”, concluded the Minis mayor.

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