Formia, requested funding for the new play school in San Remigio

Formia – 1 million and 200 thousand euros for the construction of a new crèche for 30 places in San Remigio. It is the request for funding under the NRP that has presented the municipal administration of Formia for the technical-economic feasibility project regarding the construction of the structure, an important investment that will improve the area of ​​the neighborhood.

“The intervention that is part of the strengthening of the provision of educational services, from crèches to universities, as part of the plan for infrastructure for sports and schools – underlined Mayor Gianluca Taddeo – it is intended for a densely populated area of ​​the city center, which is not subject to restrictions. The administration wants to invest a lot in the school and the crèche, which is a service of public interest to the early on, has the purpose of help, socialization and education with the aim of guaranteeing the child a humane and civil, a harmonious and to promote balanced. Way in his psychophysical development “.

The project is presented by the municipality of Formia on the proposal of the Public Works Councilor Eleonora Zangrillo proposes the construction of a reinforced concrete and wood structure capable of guaranteeing the satisfaction of all the comfort and safety requirements provided for by the current regulations. In addition, during the preparation of the intervention plan, special attention was paid to the choice of technologies and building components that are compatible with the health and safety of children, in particular as regards the health of the sites, the durability of the materials and the eco-compatibility. of the same.

This attention – specified by Commissioner Zangrillo – focused on the choice of quality materials, guaranteeing the absence of emissions of hazardous organic volatile substances and also the absence of any substance classified as toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic. Haut, Thanks to the funding requested by Miur, we have the great opportunity to enrich and implement the school offer. “

An ambitious project that incorporates technologies for passive cooling of structures in terms of energy consumption and therefore economic savings. The building is equipped with a recycling and treatment system for the area, able to guarantee all spare parts required by standard.
“This system choice and the high thermal performance of the building components and the use of photovoltaic panels ensure that the new structure is class A. A modern and functional building that provides an important school service for children in a neighborhood in constant expansion,” concludes . the Public Works Adviser.

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