Formia, inauguration of the new classrooms at the elementary school Giovanni Bosco di Penitro

The new classrooms and toilets on the ground floor of the primary school Giovanni Bosco di Penitro were inaugurated a few days ago in Formia. The ceremony was attended by the mayor Gianluca Taddeo, his deputy and councilor for tourism Giovanni Valerio, the councilor for culture and education Fabio Papa and public works Eleonora Zangrillo and the councilors Marco Bianchini, Ilaria Benocci, Antonio Capraro, Stefano Ciccolella and Francesco Di Nito.

The maintenance and arrangement of the plexus, which took place in the summer period for a cost of 30,000 euros, concerns the building, which this year has 16 classrooms, of which 6 middle school and 10 elementary school, and were necessary to ensure. a complete and autonomous provision for the students, after the students of the two sections of the middle school were temporarily hosted in the Institute of Surveyors “Bruno Tallini”, where now the premises are no longer available due to the increase in enrollments.

Another work completed by the municipal administration, after the recent inauguration of the Rialto Primary School in Castellone. Mayor Taddeo, who cut the ribbon together with the new school teacher Immacolata Picone, expressed his satisfaction. “It is an opportunity that we wanted to give to the community of Penitro by solving this problem that has existed for years – explained Taddeo – There was another internal subdivision to undertake the two sections of the Middle School and now we are working to to recover also the with a span structure to give the children the opportunity to spend hours of free time and do sports. There was a warm welcome from the students and teachers, this certifies that we have done an excellent job and we have giving them the opportunity to continue this year of study and training with peace and comfort.

The mayor welcomed the arrival of the new school teacher Immacolata Picone: “The opportunity to welcome Professor Picone was also appreciated. Both with her and with the other school principals we will continue this collaboration, because the school is a fundamental issue, on which we must not be distracted and have the highest attention.

An important day, as the Councilor for Public Works Eleonora Zangrillo emphasized: “As an administration there was this initiative to create detached classes of the ‘Vitruvio Pollione’ of the center Formia. The requests were many and there was also the need of the director of the Institut Technique de Surveyors ‘Tallini’ to free the classrooms for various reasons. Schools are our priority. The situation of the plants in Formia is precarious, the structures are outdated and need to be restructured, even if some have been intervened over the years”.

Concepts that were also confirmed by the councilors Fabio Papa (Culture and Public Education) and Giovanni Valerio (Tourism). “I immediately noticed the good cooperation of the local authorities – said the school director Immacolata Picone, originally from Naples – There is a lot to do, it is a large and complex institution and it needs to diversify in the area. Several schools in a single building gathering is an opportunity, it is not only an architectural requirement, it is a substance that concerns the formation and verticalization of the comprehensive institution. As far as the school building is concerned, we will certainly act in agreement with the municipality and in terms of the training offer regarding, I already have a very clear idea of ​​myself, about the development of this school, which deserves so much and is a sure point of reference for the territory of Formia “.

During the ceremony, the students from the fifth grade of the primary school Giovanni Bosco “interviewed” the mayor Taddeo and the teacher about the problems of the school and gave a podcast to their small web radio life. Two students then planted a laurel tree as a wish for culture, power and glory and together with other students from the 5th grade of the primary and first high school they gave a musical choreography to the notes of “La dolce vita” by Fedez. .

To complete the series of activities, the poems and posters of other students from the primary and secondary schools led by all their teachers who worked for the occasion for the success of the event.


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