Formia, has today signed in the commune the Memorandum of Understanding with the Institute for Higher Education “Fermi-Filangieri”

The memorandum of understanding between the municipality of Formia and the “Fermi-Filangieri” Institute for Higher Education in Formia was signed this morning in the security room. The signing of the document took place in the presence of Mayor Gianluca Taddeo, Tourism Adviser Giovanni Valerio and Teacher Rossella Monti.

In the framework of the PCTO School Work Alternation Project (Traversal Skills and Orientation Paths) in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Latina and Frosinone, the two parties have engaged in close synergy to promote actions and interventions that are consistent with training needs. . by students through the implementation of various collaborative projects and initiatives, particularly in the field of tourism. And also to welcome a representative of the municipal administration as a member of the Technical Scientific Committee (CTS), the body for the proposal and planning of training interventions, which has a fundamental value for opening up the school and the world of work.

“The administration has always been close to the school world, the real engine of the city – said Mayor Gianluca Taddeo – and aims to improve and support training initiatives and events, with the aim of developing an effective relationship with the school. Encourage students for training and internships; collaborate and coordinate activities through a role of synergistic connection to the needs of the territory and the professions of the productive world. An honest applause to the students, teachers and Teachers. By signing the Memorandum of Understanding, a series of education and training projects will be created “.

“The multi-year document signed today – added Tourism Adviser Giovanni Valerio – enriches the link between public administration and the school world and confirms and certifies future prospects in the workplace for students completing their curriculum. It is a important path that we want to pursue together, in full harmony, with the community, which wants to pursue it in terms of cooperation, also through a commitment that closely affects the archeological sites that surround our city ”.

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