Former mayor and alderman dies. City mourns proclaimed

Former Alvignano Mayor Angelo Marcucci dies He died this morning (July 22) at the age of 72 years. He had been fighting for several years, but his passion for politics pushed him to run in the last general election (which led to the victory of Angelo Di Costanzo in June). Angelo Marcucci, born professionally as a teacher of dozens of students, marked the years of primary school education for children before gradually growing as a professional as a school manager and then as a supervisor for studies.

He was urgently hospitalized at the II Policlinico Hospital in Naples, but did not do so. He was also recently infected with Covid-19 but his health conditions deteriorated so much that he recommended hospitalization in a hospital, he was the owner of an agritourism property in the city: well known and respected throughout the Caserta region, “I am deep sad of this sad news – said the current three-party coalition band Angelo Di Costanzo – we will soon announce city mourning: in this last round of elections we were only political opponents, but never enemies: in fact, there has always been a relationship of appreciation and friendship between us, also between our respective families.

The condolences of Regional Councilor Zannini

“The death of Angelo Marcucci does not hurt me and sadden me not a little, because it leaves an unbreakable clay both in his family, to which I cling, as well as in the administrative and political world of Alvignano and in the whole of Alto Casertano.

As Mayor of his commune, but also as Administrator of the Consortium of Bonifica del Sannio Alifano, and previously as Provincial Councilor, Angelo Marcucci has always been able to represent his territory in the best possible way, with commitment and passion and never saving. yourself. A respectable and honest person, able to combine moderation and determination to achieve results and goals for his Alvignano, of whom he was an excellent mayor as recognized as all, and for the whole district. It will be missed by family members, politicians and all of us who have learned to appreciate its human and political qualities. Rest in peace!”.

This was stated by Giovanni Zannini, President of the VII Permanent Commission on Environment, Energy and Civil Protection of the Campania Regional Council.


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