Formaggi & Sorrisi, the region focuses on Cremona

CREMONA – The second edition of the “Formaggi & Sorrisi – Cheese & Friends Festival”, which will be held in the historic center of Cremona from May 27 to 29, was presented this morning in the Lombardy region, the cheese will be the protagonist in all its forms and facets, visitors will have the opportunity to discover the best Italian dairy products that are accompanied by gastronomic excellence that are combined with them – such as compotes, jams, mustard, chutny and in oil from a rich schedule of rendezvous accompanied, show cooking. , Tastings and cheese constructions.

“Chees and Smiles is an initiative that gives us the opportunity to return to enjoy events and presence, and security, but above all to celebrate the excellence of our territory – he explains Attilio Fontana, President of the Lombardy – Cremona Region is once again at the center of taste, after the Festa del Torrone it goes to the cheeses, one of the excellences of our region and of the whole country. We have different qualities of this delicious food, with Grana Padano and Provolone at the top. I therefore wish the festival a great success, which will allow us to pass on our traditions and enhance our gastronomic excellence ”.


“The Cremona region is the epicenter of our milk production,” he said Fabio Rolfi, Lombardy Region Advisor for Agriculture, Food and Green Systems -. A province that makes up 50% of Provolone Valpadano and over one-sixth of the national total of forms of Grana Padano. The Lombardy region therefore believes in the city as a special showcase for our excellent cheeses. The participation of the whole territory, in addition to the support of the institutional bodies, is the strong point of this event. We need a new way of communicating the value of agri-food products, telling the story, the quality and the food safety that they guarantee in an innovative and attentive way for the young generations, in combination with the others Excellencies of Cremona, both gastronomically and culturally. That’s why I thank the organizers. The 2022 edition will send a strong signal to the whole sector and the Lombardy region could not fail to make its contribution.


Discover Lombardy with its food and wine excellence is a fantastic journey that connects territories and traditions that have been lovingly preserved – let it be known in a note. Lara Magoni Advisor for Tourism and Territorial Marketing of the Lombardy Region -. The refinement and quality of our products are derived from ancient craftsmanship and skilled work that has been passed down from generation to generation. Cheeses and food and wine delicacies are increasingly becoming a territorial marketing and tourism promotion tool for our territories, a strategic driving force for the economy and employment of the many small villages in Lombardy. Tourism and food and wine have always been a winning combination that allows tourists to remember an experience lived over time, combining art, tradition, culture, aromas and food specialties that only Italy and Lombardy offer.


“The territory of the province of Cremona is always characterized by a strong agricultural and agro-food vocation, from the dairy sector to the meat sector, from cereals to fruits and vegetables, with production excellence from Cremasco to Cremonese and Casalasco, which differ in the various supply chains , with an important induced – he explains Paolo Mirko Signoroni, President of the Province of Cremona -. The dairy industry in particular has products and PDOs that are known worldwide, where quality, tradition, health and well-being are the pillars that support it, along with continuous research, innovation and education, through the presence of realities such as ‘Istituto Superiore’ Stanga, mam Pandino a Cr. Forma Special Company Training Services of the Province of Cremona, in terms of services and paths that integrate and intersect with the primary and transformation sectors. “Formaggi & Sorrisi” thus not only represents an important showcase in which this common agricultural and agro-food heritage is strengthened, but also an opportunity in terms of knowledge, knowledge and sensory journey through our typical products “.


“This initiative is a very happy return for a festival that tells the tradition of our country through cheeses. – explains Barbara Manfredini, Councilor for Tourism, Trade and Security of the Municipality of Cremona – Our city invests a lot together with institutions, universities, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Lombardy region for a center of agro-zootechnical food innovation, all the excellence of our territory. Formaggi & Sorrisi is a dining experience, from production, tasting to shopping in the historic center of our city. Through the catering we can tell our territory and this festival will be another opportunity to meet this delicacy.


“Grana Padano Dop is the fruit of the places where it is processed. Every step of the supply chain uses only raw materials from the production area – he explains Renato Zaghini, President of the Consorzio Tutela Grana Padano – In events like “Cheeses & Smiles” are a valuable showcase of these specialties that go beyond Made in Italy and fulfill consumers’ desire for nature, authenticity and freshness. The support of those who also feel that we are a part of their heritage helps us make Grana Padano Dop the symbol of Italianness in the world.


“It is with confidence and high expectations that the Provolone Valpadana Protection Consortium promotes this initiative, which combines a cheese that is an expression of the territory with the artistic and cultural beauties that insist on it – he explains Libero Giovanni Stradiotti, President of the Provolone Valpadana Protection Consortium -. With Formaggi & Sorrisi, we want to once again offer the largest number of occasions for the most heterogeneous consumer audience to taste the fruit of a millennial tradition such as cheese. There are products from all over Italy to indicate how much agriculture in our country is still of fundamental importance. And all this in Cremona, which can be considered as one of the countries of choice in the production of milk and its noblest processed products, represented by cheeses with geographical indication (PDO / PGI / TSG), increasingly present and appreciated not only at our local tables. , but also abroad. The event will be an additional opportunity to explore topics that are not only related to consumption, but also to moments of pure fun, with the direct involvement of the little ones, consumers of tomorrow.


“A disturbing event because we had to be in this room to present it in March 2020 – explains Stefano Pelliciardi, Director of SGP Grandi Eventi Event Organizer -. Thanks to the promoters, patrons, sponsors and exhibitors who believed in this event awaited May 2022 with a richer, more comprehensive and interesting program than the original and with a number of larger companies participating. There are all the conditions for a successful event, which can be a consolidated appointment in the rich calendar of initiatives dedicated to cheese, which shows the passion for this product of excellence.

The event is sponsored by the Grana Padano Protection Consortium and the Provolone Valpadana Protection Consortium, sponsored by the Lombardy region, with the contribution and patronage of the province of Cremona, the patronage of the municipality of Cremona, main partner Gennaro Auricchio Spa, main sponsor Fattorie Semores and Latteria , Sponsor of Latteria Ca ‘De’ Stefani and Cremona Po Shopping Center, organized by SGP Grandi Eventi.

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