Foreign language courses for students of the schools of Pieve, Pornassio and Ranzo are running –

For a month, the students of Comprehensive Pieve di Teco-Pontedassio ‘G. Gabrielli ‘in the playschools of Pieve di Teco and Pornassio, in the primary schools of Pieve di Teco, Ranzo and Pornassio and in the secondary schools of Pieve di Teco attend English courses with native speakers to increase their language skills: made possible by activating the project “Linguistic Improvement in the first cycle of education “provided by the Valle Arroscia Internal Area Strategy, funded by the National Strategy of Internal Areas (SNAI), with valuable contribution from the CTAI, Technical Committee for Internal Areas and the Department of Economic Development of the Ligurian region.

About 250 pupils benefit from the important educational opportunities offered by English-speaking teachers, especially during school hours (high school pupils are also divided into extracurricular afternoons, divided into 2 groups): workshops and communication activities in language, more or less playful depending on School level conducted by students, in collaboration with teachers. The foreign language courses last until June and will continue into the next school year.

In addition, from next week, courses in French will be launched for students from the playschools and high schools of the institute.

“We started recently, but we are already registering significant enthusiasm and good motivation from students and teachers – says Istituto Comprensivo teacher Pieve di Teco-Pontedassio Serena Carelli – Give the direct positive feedback from the entire audience of students we consider the Ligurian region continue this summer with an educational summer camp “.

Within the interior design, the school represents one of the key elements on which the choice depends on whether to stay in a territory or not to live. For this reason, schools and administrations focus on pedagogical interventions aimed at enhancing language skills, which are seen as strategic for the development perspectives of the territory, also from a cross-border perspective, due to the proximity to France. The area strategy aims in particular to increase the tourist attractiveness and the development of the area.

“We are pleased that, after so many years of work, finally one of the intervention cards related to education has actually started – says the Mayor of the Internal Region Valle Arroscia Piero Pelassa – Multilingual training is an opportunity for the new generations, in particular from the point of view of a tourist, because it facilitates employment opportunities, especially for agricultural businesses in the area, an active nationality and social inclusion. “.

“Always in the context of the SNAI, interventions in the field of transport, local development, as well as those related to governance are being launched and we hope to be able to launch all the other interventions that the strategy envisages in the near future,” he concludes. Pelassa of.

“We are finally coming to terms with the interventions provided for in the strategy,” said Pierluigi Vinai, Technical Coordinator of the Ligurian Interior, Director-General of Anci Liguria. Communities in which Anci Liguria has played a facilitating role among the institutional subjects at various levels in the SNAI and has taken on the role of the technical coordinator to support the area in the process of co-planning and implementing any interventions considered “to guarantee high-quality services. to resident citizens (and not) and to an economic development that contrasts with the progressive depopulation of the area”.

“This result is the concrete application of a lot of work that has been done in recent years to enable these internal areas, we have reached the final phase, which the citizens see – comments the Mayor of Pieve di Teco Alessandro Alessandri – In foreign languages ​​we count a lot, giving our children another chance at life and work.


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