For “Digital Citizenship” protagonists are the sons of Arimondi Eula of Savigliano and Racconigi

The boys and girls of the Arimondi Eula Institute of Savigliano and Racconigi were the protagonists of the project entitled: Digital nationality. Digital citizens of today, society of tomorrowsponsored by Rotary Club Savigliano.

The project is concluded these days with the last meeting, called the return to the school community and the city of the results obtained during its development.

The final meeting took place in the enchanted hall of honor of Taffini Palace with the participation of the Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Savigliano Petra Senesi, by the President of the CRS Bank Francesco Osella and the Director of the ISS Arimondi-Eula Prof. Luca Martini and of all the protagonists of the project. The objectives of the project were as follows: to improve the critical ability and awareness of children in relation to digital media, in particular what the use of video games and time spent online; Develop knowledge about the international topic of video games; increase the time management skills and methods for using digital content.

The project was structured in three phases: Phase one it consisted of the realization of workshops in the first eight classes and in a fourth class of the institute involved in the project. The activity in the classrooms, which consisted of two meetings of every two hours, involved a critical analysis of the use of video games and social media by the children; at this stage there were about 200 boys / girls; Phase two it was represented by an extracurricular activity involving about fifteen boys / girls. As part of this phase, the boys / girls, with the help of operators and technicians, made two videos related to the creation of a new video game; Phase three it was represented by the trainings for teachers and the final assembly to return the results to the school community and the city.

The project has been carried out through the collaboration of various bodies and associations: il Rotary Club Savigliano who has planned and planned the project, as well as co-financed it, after all the phases of the coordination and implementation of the final meeting; L‘Arimondi Eula Higher Education Institute Savigliano and Racconigi have been actively collaborating on the project, working with RC Savigliano and the expert collaborators to identify the classes involved in the project. In addition, the teachers of the subject Civic Education have made an extensive collaboration for phase 1 (workshops in the classrooms, two meetings of two hours each, in nine different classes). For phase two, despite an extracurricular activity, the teachers involved helped the group work on the development of the video game project. Lto cooperative Caracol representing the operational partner of the project, providing the media educators for both Phase 1 and Phase 2; it also provided speakers for teachers and collaborated with the club to organize the final seminar for the return of project results. The Centro Steadycam Asl cn2 of Alba, by Drs. Valentino Merlo, worked with the Project Coordination Group to provide specialist advice to discover and experiment with the link between media education and health promotion; the SER.D. ASL CN1 – Savigliano Office, by Dr. Giancarlo Serra, took part in all the activities of the preparation of the project and then in the implementation phase, which brings the important contribution of those in the area who are engaged in the prevention and treatment of diseases due to addictions.

The Professor. Michele Marangi and some conclusions he draws the project defined as a model to be replicated and that only an intensified action of civic education can provide answers to the problems of inappropriate use of modern communication and socialization tools. It is necessary to raise awareness among young people and very young people about the use of social media and video games and this will only happen if they are provided with the necessary knowledge and skills.

During the last meeting, the President of the RC Savigliano, Giovanni Battista Testaunderlines the important role of the Rotary Association and illustrates to children the important tools and capabilities of Rotary itself for the very young: Rypen, Ryla, youth exchanges and Interact and Rotaract associations.

The project was funded in part by the Rotary Club Savigliano and with contributions from the Rotary Foundation and the CR Savigliano Bank.

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