For a school where you do not die – let’s balance

Friday 18 February of mobilization and demonstrations by students in many cities against the school-work diversion that is cooling and for a different model of education. In Rome three days General States with associations for a reform from below.

Accidents can always seem like a tragic accident, so that for many years in the past even white deaths have appeared. Then it finally became clear that those deaths were at work the indicator of a mechanism that crushes together and in front of the body, the person, reduces him to a commodity, a result, an hour, a piece rate, a gain. The school world and those of the unions, the Federal and Municipal Council, on Friday 18 February called for a day of general mobilization after the cases of the two students who during the internship in the school-work alternation and barely over three weeks, one. occurs in the province of Fermo and the other in Udine.

People take to the streets to remember that “if you can not die at work, it is even less tolerable that it happens during school”, as the boys said at a press conference about the steps of the Ministry of Education and Viale Trastevere. Still waiting for a call from Minister Patrizio Bianchi. But above all to reiterate that “school education should not and must not be subject to the practice and logic of the market”. In fact, there is another school model that requires students from student associations and unions, a non-nationalist and competitive school model that focuses on dialogue with students, on strengthening critical thinking, paying attention to privileges, even those who they were created with two years of fatherhood for the pandemic as in the organization of the next mature exams 2022.

There are various acronyms of the forty parades held in so many Italian cities, but about the indications to the prefects and school managers to “facilitate the preventive dialogue” of Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese, concerns only “the radicalized borders to isolate “And suppress the loudest protests, the mobilization is uniform. The demonstrations will all focus on the perverse mechanism that has invested in students through the obligatory ways of school-work diversion, thus bringing education closer to the most damaging dynamics of the labor market.

The demonstrations are in response to the cases of Giuseppe Lenoci at the age of 16, in fact, and Lorenzo Parelli of just 18, who died on January 21 from a 150 kg beam on the last day of his “study” and stage at the factory.

The most important event, at least from a symbolic point of view, will be in Fermo, at 9 o’clock, the city where Giuseppe Lenoci lived his 16 years, died last Monday in the van of the company for which he “studied” has. at sixty miles from his class. In Rome, a demonstration was held to remember him and to point the finger at the repression carried out by the police bodies against former student protests, by the young people of the Fgc, the La Lupa movement and Osa, a student organization close to the USB, with concentration at 10 on Piazza Vittorio.

As for the “disproportionate reactions”, with disciplinary sanctions that school principals have implemented last December in many professions of the Roman institutions in recent days, a question with a written response to the Minister of Education by Deputy Nicola Fratoianni posed. Leu. And Fratoianni himself also asked another question to the government about the use of massive public force, which was used last week with armored vehicles and anti-riot agents, for the students and peaceful self-government of the Liceo Enriques to evacuate to Livorno.

Friday 18 from 8:30 am Meetings on site organized by the Student Union in Naples (Piazzale Garibaldi), Milan (Piazza Cairoli), Turin and then in Trento and other capitals. And just because it is on the school system that we want to act, after the historic attempts of the student movements that tried to make organic proposals for the first time until the early 90’s, the UDS supports a 3 day discussion on Rome. – the general states of the school – in that Sbilanciamoci! Also participate.

The general states will take place from Friday 18 to Sunday 20 with the following program:

Friday 18th: Opening of the States General
18.30 – 20.30 – Joint (Via del Mandrione, 63)

Debate over what school is: new horizons and paradigms that reflect the school system;

Student territorial experiences

Organizing Realities: Student Union, Knowledge Network, Flc-cgil, Libera Against Mafia, Legambiente, ActionAid, Priority for School, Arci, Sbilanciamoci.

Luca Redolfi, Student Union

20.30 – 22.30, Arci Sparwasser Benefit Evening of the States-General

Saturday 19th: Work tables and society – La Sapienza University, Playground stop

From 9.30 am to 1 pm: 3 tables
Access to education and inequality; Participation and representation; Anti-fascism and anti-racism

From 2.30 pm to 6 pm: 4 didactic and evaluation tables;
Psychological health and well-being; School and territory;


Starting at 8.30pm with shared food and live music, Brancaleone Social Center Sunday 20 Debate and plenary conclusions – Teatro Italia

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From 9.30 am to 11 am
Work tables report
Speeches by: Collettivo di Fabbrica GKN, Libera against the Mafia, FFF, NUDM, Sbilanciamoci and other student organizations.

From 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Debate with policy, minister or deputy secretary with female students, students and teachers. Moderator: Bianca Chiesa, Student Union

From 12.30 to 13.00
Luca Redolfi, Student Union

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