Food Farm students make jams and sauces to fund the new cancer center in Parma

A major goal for development together: this is the principle that inspires the Together with You project for the new oncology center in Parma, supported by the students of the Galilei Bocchialini agro-industrial school complex participating in the Food Farm 4.0 Territory Laboratory, the first structure for Dedicated to training, uniting schools and companies in the Parma region, is able to sustain economically through the sale of Bontà di Parma branded products made by the students themselves.

Especially from April 1st to June 30th, it is possible to buy extra kiwi and apricot fields and apple-pomegranate compote under the Bontà di Parma brand in three types of vegetable sauces for 3.5 Euros per year: two Euros donated to the new Cancer Center, while the remaining part supports the coverage of the costs of the food farm.

In addition to the educational institution and the hospital, the initiative sees some territorial realities in the area: the Mutti and the Agri-food Center, which supplies the products for the production of vegetable sauces and extra jams respectively, and Esselunga SpA which organizes the sale. and the three drop-off points in Parma.

The students participated in choosing one of the projects from the “wish list”, combined with the cancer center. Experts in the field of Parma’s oncology presented one by one the cost items, which included new medical equipment and facilities for setting up welcoming and humanized environments.

The choice fell on outpatient clinics for clinical trials, dedicated to Phase 1 trials, which must have specific structural equipment to ensure maximum safety and precision in conducting national and international studies of new drugs.

In addition, some third-party associations and some outlets will be working to distribute the food farm products, so that participation in this campaign is of utmost importance for the whole community.

Those who buy the products can also decide to donate them to the Emporio Solidale, thus contributing to the food collection to support families in need. Anyone wishing to make this further gesture can write to

Thanks to the support of the volunteers of Insieme con te, it will be possible to book and distribute the products in some communes of the province, especially in Monticelli Terme (Barbara and Lucia Acconciature, via Verdi 8 – Luca Ferrari Macelleria Sicuri, about Matteotti 28); in Langhirano and Lesignano de ‘Bagni (Susy Pasini Volunteer Group The Angels – Cristina Savina Nero or Unisex Hairdresser, Via Fratti 13 / A Langhirano 0521853289); Sala Baganza (Boni Bäckerei Via Provinciale, 6); in San Secondo Parmense, Sissa Trecasali, Colorno, Zibello, Busseto (Adriana Pasini volunteer group at the Chezzi La Fonte del Pane bakery sales points); in Fidenza (Gennaro Di Pietro c / o Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Wellness Via Bacchini, 26).

Anna Rita SicuriSchool manager of the agri-industrial center Isiss Galilei-Bocchialini: “The Food Farm project is an innovative way to make school, the theoretical knowledge that students learn in school, with practical skills that are in the field captured, combined in a context that can be a small industrial reality.During the PCTO period (former school-work alternation), students produce food products with advanced technological systems, comparable to industrial ones, always paying attention to safety and the creation of environmentally friendly sustainability. The creation of the new oncology center further enriches the education of our children, who in this way feel an active part of a community working for the common good. Self-made children contribute to the purchase of a new technology used directly by cancer patients to improve their quality of life éit “.

Luca RuiniPresident of Food Farm scpa: “The consortium company, the subjects they promoted and supported, and the Food Farm 4.0 project, wanted to empower young students again. We are convinced that the students, as well as with the market in the Production, must also compete with solidarity initiatives that are born in the territory. Further demonstration that the road is required but we believe it is full of satisfaction. buy and sauces at the same time by writing to and at the same time specifying to donate the glasses in Solidarity Emporium for families in need.

Massimo FabiDirector General of Parma University Hospital: “It is really gratifying to see that the proposal of the Food Farm students, following the success of last year, which involved many volunteers in addition to students and teachers, with the support of important agri-food and large distribution companies. Their commitment shows that there is a new generation that wants to learn and do by focusing on a social goal. on the Munus Foundation and, above all, on the new frontiers of research. I can only thank them for this closeness, which encourages mutual synergies and collaborations ”.

Alessandro TanesePupil of class 3g afm Galilei: “Our class is very proud to represent the agro-industrial pole in this initiative dedicated to Maggiore Hospital in Parma. We welcomed this training experience which allows us to make an economic contribution to research and Construction of the new oncology center with enthusiasm.We decided to invest in places for clinical experimentation of new treatments and cures, because in our opinion trust in research and experimentation is fundamental in the fight against tumors and cancer.The challenge starts today and the appeal is addressed to the whole community and to the local businesses so that this goal is achieved by the power of us all.

The Food Farm is Bontà di Parma and comes on the shelves

Daniele Del GobboEsselunga Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding Manager commented: “With this project Food Farm assumes an additional social value and we are proud to be a part of it. Esselunga is very connected to the city of Parma where we are present with our stores and an important factory Through Food Farm wanted to strengthen the bond with the territory by contributing to many young people in education and integration into the world of work. Through this new solidarity initiative for the Parma Cancer Center, Esselunga confirms its vocation to support the community.

“Our know-how to provide the territory, combined with excellent raw materials, is the best way for us to be close to the community in which we work. It is what belongs to us the most and that characterizes the social responsibility projects that we carry out. – Explained Silvia Totaro, Mutti’s Sustainability and Responsibility Manager. For this reason, we are very proud to have contributed to the development of these tomato sauces by providing the food farm students with the knowledge of our technicians to produce a simple and delicious recipe. Products that we are sure you will appreciate in many, with the double benefit of supporting the new oncology center in Parma.

The new oncology center of Parma: the first stone laid. Now three years to do it

Marco Core, President of Cal Parma and Emilia Romagna Mercati Network of Shops: “Cal Parma, as its history shows in recent years, is off to a good start, which has led to it becoming a permanent member of the city’s solidarity network in the To represent a public service of consolidated importance after assisting health workers in the period of maximum emergency Covid, following the publication of its first sustainability report in 2021, following the commitment to inclusion policy and the start of solidarity logistics activities which from the beginning of 2021 until today has brought almost every week in a state of poverty of nine thousand people, free top quality fresh fruits and vegetables for a total of almost 700 tons on the table, today Cal maintains itself ideally and concretely.The Food Farm Project Together with For the benefit of the Pediatric Oncology Center of Parma Hospital. This is done through fruit for the transformation of the products of deleted on the charity sale, happy to participate in such a noble project, a sign of hope in a particularly difficult moment like the present “.


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