first prize for Giorgi-Fermi

“Young people are the true builders of a digital and sustainable future. Businesses and schools working together to help them develop their talents.” This is the message of the sixth “Olympiad of Mechatronic Talents”, organized by the Metalworking Group of Assindustria Venetocentro held in collaboration with mechanical excellence such as Fantic Motor, leader in the production of off-road motorcycles and sports bikes.Padua and Treviso shared the “Olympic” podium, created to test the skills and talents of young people, called this Years to try their hand at the project to industrialize the assembly line for an internal combustion engine to be mounted on production bikes.

Three awards were presented and a special mention, at the end of a path, involved 63 students out of 9 between technological and professional institutions with a mechanical and mechatronic, electrical and electronic, IT and automation and ITS Mechatronic Veneto curriculum. The Giorgi-Fermi Institute of Treviso with the team of Marco Beltramin, Simone Bucciol, Stefano Callegari, Nicolò Favaro, Nicola Merzagora, won the first prize, presented in the presence of Filippo Pancolini, President of the AVC Metalworking Group. The second prize went to the Marconi Institute of Padua with the team of Davide Mietto, Luca Morato, Alessio Nicoletti, Giorgio Pastò, Nicola Rodighiero. Also on the podium are the Meucci-Fanoli Institute of Cittadella with the team of Martino Rocco, Riccardo Rosso, Samuele Scremin, Brando Spolaore, Mattia Zambello. Special mention for ITS Mechatronic Veneto (Treviso office) with the team Luca Cosentino, Luca Dallan, Rocco Pavan, Michelangelo Tessarotto, Fabio Toso.

The Olympic Games, this year as part of “Capital of Business Culture 2022”, aim to consolidate a virtual connection between training and business and discover young talents in mechatronics, in an area like Veneto where demand continues to grow. In March 2022 alone, 5,280 technicians and specialized mechanical and mechatronic workers were sought by companies, 750 more than a year ago (+ 16.6%); 2,050 in the provinces of Padua and Treviso alone (+ 25%; Unioncamere-Anpal, Excelsior). But for around 6 out of 10, ie for 3,160, companies have great difficulty in finding the right candidate. The ruling came at the end of an intensive journey that began on March 4, involving 63 students from 4th and 5th grades from 9 technological and vocational institutions involved in the two-year ITS Meccatronico Veneto courses. and 13 Teams. For the province of Padua, the Marconi Institute of Padua, Cattaneo-Mattei of Conselve, Meucci-Fanoli of Cittadella, Newton-Pertini of Camposampiero. For the province of Treviso, the Giorgi-Fermi institutes of Treviso, ITS Meccatronico Veneto (Treviso headquarters), Barsanti of Castelfranco Veneto, Galilei of Castelfranco Veneto, Galilei of Conegliano.

Following the presentation of the projects to the jury of entrepreneurs and technicians (March 31), the announcement of the winning teams and the award ceremony in the schools took place today in the presence or in connection with Stefano Franchi General Manager of Federmeccanica, Mariano Roman . CEO of the Fantic Group and Minarelli, Vittorino Filippas General Manager Minarelli Motors, Paolo Buratto HR & IT Manager Fantic Motor and Minarelli Motors, Samuele Daldoss Product Manager Assembly Technology Bosch Rexroth, Domenico Vettorello of the AVC Metalworking Group Committee. The three winning teams received vouchers and company visits, together with the teachers and the team that was awarded the special mention, at the Motori Minarelli plant in Calderara di Reno (Bo), to their institutes a contribution to the expansion of the Training offer. To all the competing teams the participation certificate and a Fantic Motor Gadget.

“The business of the future needs the talent of young people, but to improve it, there is a need for a continuous dialogue with the world of education – explains Filippo Pancolini, President of the Metalworking Group of Assindustria Venetocentro – The test with children is a preview of the challenges they face in their training and professional path, an opportunity to experiment and find positive incentives for their future. The schools, ITS and universities most open to the Dialogue with the world of work, enabling young people to make informed choices, to acquaint themselves and their families with the quality, innovation and opportunities that exist in our businesses. Projects such as the Olympic Games, based on a modern approach to technical culture and increasingly sought-after transversal and multidisciplinary competences, contribute to the ‘Integrate students’ education and consciously orientate them in the world of work. With the hope of seeing them soon at work in our shops ».

“I thank the students and their teachers who enthusiastically participated in the Olympic Games of Mechatronic Talents, who are finally involved back in the technical and professional institutes of our provinces after a two-year forced break – explains Francesco Nalini, CEO by Assindustria Venetocentro for ‘Education – The digital and sustainable transition we are experiencing is changing both existing jobs and those that do not exist today, the’ hybrid jobs’, with transversal skills constantly being updated. Evolution in which dialogue, collaboration and mutual knowledge with the school world are and will be fundamental, in order to bridge the gaps in skills that businesses need and to provide our young people with high-quality education and job opportunities. the sense of Assindustria Venetocentro’s commitment to schools and universities, for an ever-increasing to build modern education together and prepare young people for the world redesigned after the pandemic that needs their talent “.

“This is an important day for schools, businesses, young people and the country in general – says Stefano Franchi, General Manager of Federmeccanica. Today we recognize the value of technical studies, today we talk about the values ​​of our industry. Creativity, professionalism, quality are some of the cardinal principles of the path that must lead from schools to business. A path that is not always linear, often powerful. Over the years, this project has been promoted by Assindustria Venetocentro e made a significant contribution to reducing the mismatch between skills required by companies and those produced in traditional education pathways. of baton to make every time, for every student.A kind of educational relay, to always use an Olympic metaphor.Our goal is and will always be the growth of the young and enterprising r are, for those, we hope, they can work soon. The learning in the classrooms of the schools, the alternation with experiences in the company, the passage to the high technical institutions and then the training interventions that are carried out in the company for the workers are all fundamental stages. Too often we find confirmation of a delay in skills. Therefore, it is necessary to give initiatives like this maximum prominence. Schools, businesses that find unity of purpose and translate it into unity of action. Concrete, effective actions. It’s about moving forward in a systematic way and everyone must do their part. Our future is at stake. A future that begins for the Olympic champions with this first great result ».

“It was a real pleasure to share this day together, to offer our experience to many very deserving young people – says Mariano Roman CEO of Fantic and Minarelli Group – Fantic has a great interest in collaborating with high schools and universities, an active Participation in the social sector allows us to communicate deep corporate values ​​and our business philosophy. “Innovation is extremely important and these young people will really be able to write the future,” adds Vittorino Filippas general manager Motori Minarelli.


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