First of all, wellness wins pa Paleocapa

ROVIGO – If the school manages to combine all its core values ​​- culture, society, well-being and beauty – then we can speak of a complete education. It happened at the Paleocapa Science High School in Rovigo, which in a single day saw the success of several valuable initiatives that characterized this school year, with an almost total return to pre-Covid normality.

On the morning of June 4, the sports students, who were accompanied throughout the year by experts and teachers from the sports the Margherita Hack Auditorium hosted a number of speakers to the public to share the results of a project that will deepen children’s habits regarding health and wellness: we talked about nutrition, sleep, stress and everything that arises of diseases.

In the afternoon, the same section of the high school organized and promoted the first non-competitive school walk, born as a PCTO project, supported by Antenore Energia, I for River Veterinary Clinic, Interspar, and gave a chance to well-being, charity and society for all . Nearly 100 people took part in the 5 km journey and it was possible to raise 550 Euros, which are donated to the Yellow Flag Association.

In the evening, in the Margherita Hack Auditorium was “Fantasy music”, the concert of the Joska school choir, a group of about 20 elements, a Paleocapa tradition for 28 years. In front of a large and attentive audience, he interpreted an anthology of pieces of different inspiration, from folklore to fantasy pages, with music from video games.

These and other activities were intended to try to respond to the need for society that left the pandemic behind. To facilitate society, this year Liceo Paleocapa opened its doors to many students every afternoon after the lessons with teachers, experts, doctors, volunteers, athletes, professionals involved in a series of activities of strengthening, consolidation of basic skills, PCTO, experimental laboratories (Theatrical, Sports, Scientific, Mathematician, Radio, Historian). For its realization, the school has signed agreements with many territorial realities that have put their skills at the service of the students.

To conclude the experience, we find three strengths: Above all, the school time, which extends well beyond the morning hours and has brought together many young people, in the dimension between equals, which is fundamental to the educational process; second, the space, the meeting environment that Paleocapa transforms with the purchase of new information technologies and new facilities, so that it is an inclusive and cozy space and, ultimately, the teaching that is oriented in this new vision to victory. of transmission models and opens up for experimental scenarios that open up the physical space of the classroom.

“We focus in these three directions – reports the teacher Cristina Gazzieri – as far as the extension of school time is concerned, we have achieved almost a thousand hours of additional activities this year. It was a great effort for the teachers, who understood the need for the students to come together in less traditional moments to study, experiment, digest and do new activities. We have done projects in foreign languages, math, theater, radio, website creation, IT, sports, expressive reading and much more. As for the spaces, we also started working in the outdoor garden and in the new park behind; we use the large internal spaces for lunch and breaks. We bought outdoor tables and the classes worked more and more outdoors. “

“Representatives of the Institute – Gazzieri continues – already prepared two projects: the “Self-managed study rooms” and the “internal tutoring”, which starts next school year and will allow many students to stop and study together in school. For some time now, our high school has been proposing to enhance the experiences of ‘Outdoor Education’ and ‘Peer Education’ by giving pupils the opportunity to become protagonists of their possibilities. ‘

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