Fiera Didacta 2022, Presentation at MI, Bianchi: “The Commitment of Teachers, Managers and Students’ Common Heritage”

It was presented today to the Ministry of Education Didacta Italy Fairdedicated to the most important fair for school innovation, is aimed at teachers, school managers, educators, trainers, professionals and entrepreneurs in the school and technology sector.

The demonstration was illustrated at a press conference attended by the Minister Patrizio Bianchi, Lorenzo BecattiniPresident of Florence Fiera, Giovanni BiondiChairman of the Scientific Committee of Didacta, e Alessandra NardiniCounselor for Education of the Tuscany Region.


The fifth edition is dedicated to educators Maria Montessori, one of the most important personalities in the world in the field of early childhood education. Known to the general public as Educator and scientist of exceptional originality and innovationthe method of education, which takes its name, is considered one of the main “new school” experiments adopted in many countries of the world.

“Didacta is not just an exhibition, but it’s a pride to show. It’s a demonstration of what thousands of teachers, students, families, managers, managers are doing – he said. Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi -. With the 2022 edition returning to the game, Didacta plays the role of gathering and understanding the best experiences, and making a shared legacy of the great commitment of these two years. This is the school: an extraordinary joint effort for everyone to participate in the collective life “.

Didacta Italy Fair presents a scientific program coordinated by INDIRE in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and covers the most important Italian and international realities in the field of education, research and training.

I’m over 250 Training Eventsincluding conferences, Workshop immersive courses and seminars, designed on a variety of topics, from scientific and humanistic to technological, to the learning space. The program is divided into different types of activities aimed at managers, teachers of preschools, primary schools, first and second grade secondary, research world and university.

The news: the departments

Absolute novelty of the 2022 edition is the creation of 6 Departments, Teachers to show special and innovative environments of the school of the future. The Humanities Department offers teachers the opportunity to experience how learning pathways are built on curriculum knowledge and how the opportunities offered by a new conception of school architecture and the educational environment are used; in the scientific department there are areas that are designed and equipped in an innovative way to help people understand how the premises, technologies and teaching methods are an integral part of a single and coherent educational vision; the Arts Department it is a stage where workshops on dance and theater, visual arts and artistic crafts, music of various genres and rap writing are offered. In the Department 0-6 Educational and growth pathways are designed to maximize those personalization processes that are able to respond effectively to each child’s growth times; in the Primary School Department Teachers can experiment as well as change school architectures to orient them to learning, and the role of students using these innovative spaces, furniture, and technologies in a coherent pedagogical vision. Finally, the sixth department concerns the innovative school libraries. It is a colorful learning space, unlike the traditional school, which opens up teachers as a colorful, flexible, stackable, soft, decomposable, editable, digital area that is capable of captivating.

Among the new proposals in the field at Didacta 2022, the dedicated space for motor formation and to the pedagogical value of sport in school (a fundamental aspect in the developmental age for the complete education of the individual) that on vocational schoolswhile a separate section will cover the green area, where eco-sustainability education initiatives are organized in schools.

During the three days of the exhibition, participants can, in addition to training activities, visit a rich exhibition section with over 200 featured companies, leaders in the school and education supply chain: from the publishing sector to the latest generation of information technology, furniture and school lunch. Participants also include many national and international institutions, scientific and cultural structures, universities, schools, associations, shops, foundations and museums.

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