Fermo, which presents new Montani laboratories. Scatasta: “Institute constantly updated”

FERMO – Large, bright and equipped with state-of-the-art technological equipment. These are the characteristics of the new Montanti workshops that were presented this morning in the school complex about Joyce Lussu. Place also for culture and awards. The work of Ciro Stajano unveiled and the silver medal for the International Computer Olympics awarded to Beniamino Vagnarelli

Vun Alessandro Luzi

Large, bright and equipped with state-of-the-art technological equipment. These are the characteristics of the new Montanti workshops that were presented this morning in the school complex by Joyce Lussu. The structures are intended for the study of technologies and design of information systems, information technology, multimedia design, systems and networks. Present at the meeting are the manager, Stefania Scatasta, the president of the province, Michele Ortenzi, and the majority regional council, Andrea Putzu. “We always do our projects with passion and emotion and the intention is to develop more and more updated skills and training plans – starts Manager -. Our attention to our students is always very high. It is constantly updated, in fact I prefer to call it “Montani Shipyard”“Behind this school there is a great tradition and there is an excellence of the territory – he says Ortenzi -. Its story tells the ability to read the changes in society and the developments in the industrial world. The gaze always turned to the future is its own character. In the words of the president of the province, he retorts Andrea Putz: The initiatives promoted by Itis are always of great depth. The region must do much to support them. For example, our aim is to promote school-to-work diversification and to distribute European funds to the most innovative schools, just like these. “

Beniamino Vagnarelli

On the journey through the corridors of the new complex, it is possible to admire the high technological content of the new laboratories, both for the equipment available and for the problems that are dealt with in the lesson hours. In fact, some fifth-grade students exhibited group work that was done on the way to Transversal Skills and Orientation (formerly School-Work Alternation). The activity was coordinated in collaboration with Unicam and provided for the development of projects not covered by the study. The students, divided into groups, managed to create working prototypes, therefore publishing them on their respective web platforms. The studies illustrate ranges from service learning, or digital services for schools and beyond, through the use of serverless technologies and AWS and Alexa services, through the development of web portals for public administration, to the “Clever Car”, and intelligent car. sensitive to the psycho-physical state of the driver. If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the software will prevent the engine from starting. Finally, the “Wine C 4.0” project proposes solutions to make every point of the company accessible on the Internet. This allows you to control and connect the different machines together. Then the students of Montani showed their skills, talents and knowledge, which were absorbed during their studies. In fact, Beniamino Vagnarelli, a class 5 IN A student, won the silver medal at the International Computer Olympics 2022. A result of dubious prestige and highly qualified for both the boy and the school..

It did not miss a moment dedicated to culture, especially visual arts. After all, as the great Pierpaolo Pasolini taught, progress is being made through the union of science and culture, otherwise we would only be experiencing a disorganized and prosperous development. In fact, the manager wanted to emphasize the constant collaboration with Nunzio GiustozziTeacher and art critic who created the work of Ciro Stajano, posted at the school complex. “The work tells Montani – explains Scatasta – we also want to guide our students through the lighthouse of culture, as well as competence and passion.”The work is entitled “Art and Science” and perfectly describes the mentality change of the institute – announced Giustozzi -. It was originally a school of “artists and craftsmen”, so that it was always characterized by this attention to the technical and technological development of industrial production, associated with the care of aesthetics.. The painting shows a technology that is human friendly. Its colors are bright, giving it a fun and lively aura. References were added to alchemy, a very ancient discipline from which chemical studies later evolved. Then Giustozzi gave an overview dedicated to Stajano, present in the room: “He is an artist of Campania origin. His style is very refined and very attentive to the tradition of Italian painting and the European avant-garde of the 20th century.

The program is completed with the moment of memories. In fact, he intervened Carlo LabbrozziPresident of the Ex-Allievi Montani Association, e Piero Alessandrini, former university professor and important figure in the Italian economic panorama. “Today is an extraordinary day – he’s starting Labbrozzi -. These workshops are the result of a union of arts and sciences that has always been at Montani’s base. “I have endless memories of the periods I spent in this school – he says Alexandrini -. Even though I’ve gone in a different direction in my life from the studies that have been done here, Montani’s education was fundamental to the development of my career. ‘


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