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“We have not yet understood why the provincial and regional school management did not want to answer us”. The protest of the parents of the Fermi school continues. Her children had chosen the musical direction, the creation of the second section was in the bridge. Then everything stopped, the second section was not established, the “dismissals” were distributed to the other classes without taking into account that everyone had the dream of playing an instrument and of ensemble music. “Unfortunately – said the president of the parent committee of Comprensivo Pratolini, Simona Barbini – despite the visibility of our protest, despite the emails sent, we have not received an answer. In addition to the fact that we do not satisfy the second section musically for everyone. the requests (because the numbers were there), there were also disappointments in the organization of the classes. It is true that every child was necessarily assigned the chosen language, but those who remained from music found for classes dispersed without even meeting classmates from primary school. There is still time to get a better organization by doing it. And the hope is that someone will listen to us, there is also a strangeness, from the school website the video of the open house where the formation of the two music classes was announced disappeared, there was certainly a technical problem, but it is important to repeat the concept, and classes should be formed .” Now the ball goes to the newly appointed head teacher, who arrived on September 1st.

The parents hope to talk to us as soon as possible, just to say what happened and hope that a situation can be rectified. “In our opinion – says Simona Barbini – there is still an opportunity to resolve the situation; despite the end of July, the parents are still in revolt and still hope for adequate accommodation and will be until the 15 September nothing lost” .

The musical address of Fermi is one of the reference points of education in high schools not only in Scandicci, but in the entire metropolitan area, the orchestra with the boys of Scandiccese average over the years before the Pope and in front of various presidents of the Republic. And for many it remains incomprehensible why, in the face of requests for two sections, in the end only one was activated.

Fabrizio Morviducci

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