Female Genital Mutilation: Amref, from tomorrow in Padua, Rome and Turin Training days on prevention and contrast

Addressing the phenomenon of female genital mutilation (MGF) – whose victims are more than 80 thousand women in Italy alone – began with the competence and awareness of the mutual influence that different cultures have on individual and collective behavior. This is the goal of the “P-Act” project funded by the Fund Asylum, Migration and Integration of the Ministry of Interior coordinated by Amref Health Africa Italia, in collaboration with the Italian Society for Migration Medicine, No Peace Without Justice Association, University of Milan Bicocca Studies and Coordination of New Italian Generations.
Female genital mutilation – emphasized in a note – are forms of gender-based violence, they violate human rights and have a negative impact on developmental processes, compromising women’s ability to determine themselves. The recent survey, conducted by Bicocca University for the Department of Equal Opportunities in 2019, shows in Italy in January 2018 the presence of 87,600 cut-off women, of whom 7,600 were minors, and another 4,600 at risk.
The ‘P-Act’ project – it is explained – contributes to filling the gaps in services in the territorial networks, as far as the skills and approach of the staff of the sectors concerned are concerned: as from the first phase From the identification of the training needs of the project, knowledge of the subject is often limited and usually in relation to cases in which the practice has already taken place “. “It is therefore particularly important, from a preventive point of view, to work to increase knowledge of the phenomenon, of the factors and possible risk indicators, to involve all professionals and services in contact with families and minors, as well as to facilitate coordinated and multidisciplinary interventions. for all the subjects concerned, from the health sector to the social sector, from the education sector to the school sector, from the legal field to that of public safety “.
In Padua, Rome and Turin, between June 23 and July 1, 2022, two training days (from 9 to 18) will be held for each city, for a plurality of professionals, scholars and activists in the health and social sector, pedagogical. , legal and hospitality. The two training days are intended to help build bridges between the issues of the cross-cultural approach to health promotion and the realities of the subjects concerned, in order to improve the comparison between the different perspectives in the field. The two days are in Rome on 23 and 24 June, in Padua on 27 and 28 June, in Turin on 30 June and 1 July. In Milan, however, training takes place in October.


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