Feather manager Ravenna line-up comes to life

After the first meetings that took place in person in November and December, the training activity in the Second grade schools in Bologna, Ferrara and Ravenna promoted by Federmanagerthe Association of Responsibilities ofa company that has over 3,200 members in the area.

“The project we are carrying out, completely free of charge,” said Andrea Molza, president of the Bologna – Ferrara – Ravenna Fed Manager. Forms, for students, often with the involvement of the productive world and associations.

The members of the association take on the role of “trainers” and provide themselves through the formula of volunteering.

The demand from schools for the current school year is high. They are there 23 educational institutionsdoriwwer eraus 430 the classes involved for a total of almost 9,000 studentswhile the coach recruited from the ranks of Managers of the association are more than 60.

“Bologna – Ferrara – Ravenna Feather Managers” emphasize Giorgio Merlante and Antonio Zangaglia, Vice Presidents and Substitutes for Ferrara and Ravenna Way to school and facilitate. Professional. “

The catalog with the Federmanager Training Offer

Fedager Manager Bologna – Ferrara – Ravenna, which in recent years has activated training courses in schools, has created with the training offer a real catalog, which is provided free of charge for schools: Soft Skills, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Economics circulate, besides some additional modules on the job market, online content and web marketing, value chain; University orientation, logistics, production management, statistical control of product quality and production processes. Further modules are proposed in collaboration with Vises, the national federation manager Asbl, which makes development paths for the personal and professional skills of young people, women and managers.

The modalities and guidelines

The signal that has arrived is from confidence: there are many who are asking for face-to-face meetings. The remote formula remains active – and with the recovery of infections it is currently the most used – the remote formula. The path with the schools is based on some good practice, to guarantee the success of the initiative also for the school year 2021/2022: Involvement of school managers and joint co-planning in an education program. In perspective, the Fed manager plans to record the company’s visits, which have been very successful in recent years, by the referring managers.

Collaboration with the Regional School Office

The PCTO project of Federmanager Bologna – Ferrara – Ravenna is coordinated by the Vises – PCTO Group led by Paolo Bassi, as part of the Training, School, University of Federmanager Commission. He is supported by Paolo Alberti for the coordination of the project and the three territorial representatives: Massimo Melega for Bologna, Stefano Punzetti for Ferrara and Giovanni Rossato for Ravenna.

“The project, exciting and demanding – explains Paolo Bassi, Coordinator of the Feeder Manager Initiative – has been carried out in collaboration and in agreement with the Regional School Office and with the territorial representatives of the educational institutes. We are pleased that our proposal receives so much support has.

Chiara Scardoni, Maria Mancino, and Anna Lombardo, School-Work-Territory Rapporteurs for the Territorial Areas of Bologna, Ferrara, and Ravenna, respectively: Skills needed to seize the opportunities of the world of work.The centrality of the student in the pedagogical action and the cooperation with the territorial context are fundamental. Number of schools from the region are affiliated.

The participating schools

For Bologna IIS Paolini-Cassiano, ITC Rosa Luxemburg, ITCS Gaetano Salvemini, Lycée Augusto Righi, IIS Archimede, Lycée Copernico, ISS M. Malpighi, Serpieri Agricultural Technical Institute, ISS Giordano Bruno di Budrio , the Beata Vergine of the San Luca Salesian Institute, the Serpieri Professional Agricultural Institute at Loiano and Sasso Marconi, the IIS Belluzzi Fioravanti and the F.C. Arcangeli Art School. At Ferrara, V. Bachelet Institute, Dosso Dossi Artistic High School and Aleotti Institute, Carducci High School, L. Ariosto High School and A. Roiti High School, Copernico-Carpeggiani Institute. For Ravenna, the Olivetti Callegari Institute, ITIS Ginanni, ITIS Baldini, Liceo Scientifico Oriani and the Lugo Professional Technical Center Stop Section.

At Ferrara Lycée Roiti and IT Bachelet start a new course: Feather manager will collaborate to complete the offer

The activities launched by the fund manager in collaboration with the schools prove to be useful for initiating new experiences. The Liceo Scientifico Roiti ranks first, with 98 points out of 100, in the regional ranking of the Emilia Romagna high schools, which have launched the project for a four-year course and which start with a class in the next school year 2022 -2023.

“We are very pleased with the excellent result that has been achieved and we thank the Regional School Office and the Ministry of Education for giving this opportunity – commented Roiti Headmaster Roberto Giovannetti – The teachers required to finalize the project. Partners, in particular UNIFE and Fed Managers, a complex and challenging team work to provide students in our territory with a new avant-garde training opportunity. “

For the PCTO part, the project took advantage of the contribution of the Fathers Manager, who has been collaborating with the Lyceum for many years. In particular, the contribution of the feed manager will complete both the training aspect as well as the laboratory and the experiential aspect regarding soft skills and the problems of ecological transition and sustainable development.

The “V. Bachelet” is one of the schools that will start the next school year 2022-2023 the four-year experimental path with the articulation of International Relations for Marketing, a project that will first serve as a new activation for technical institutes in the regional ranking was classified. . Satisfaction was expressed by the schoolteacher Emilia Dimitri. Innovative learning methodologies, foreign languages ​​and strengthening learning in the economic-legal field for the young professionals of the future. The consolidated collaboration with the Feather Manager will have an innovative development: Pcto activities will start from the second class.

FEDERMANAGER BOLOGNA – FERRARA – RAVENNA, with over 3,200 members, is the territorial seat of FEDERMANAGER, an organization founded in 1945, which represents and protects 180,000 executives in the service and pensions of companies that produce goods and services. The associates are managers of small, medium and large enterprises, operating in all sectors of the private and state industry, including public economic entities, as well as in aid and ancillary activities of the industry. Federmanager is represented throughout the country by 55 associations that provide managers with contractual, social security, legal, tax assistance and implement cultural, educational and networking initiatives. The bodies directly established by the Federation and the bilateral bodies established by Confindustria, Confapi, Confservizi and FCA also contribute to the protection and promotion activities of the Management. Info: http://www.bologna.federmanager.it

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