Extraordinary school competition 2022 comes up: requirements, tests and deadline

A extraordinary school competition 2022 with the Milleproroghe decree transformed into law introduction of the Date of June 15, 2022. But what are those Requirements an den Evidence of the extraordinary school competition 2022? Who can participate?

At present there is no notice for the extraordinary school competition, but the amended Milleproroghe Decree already provides some basic information. Not just the school competition, because the decree will also extend the PA’s fast-paced competition for new employees in 2022.

In anticipation of the announcement of the extraordinary school competition, let’s see what progress is being made on the upcoming news for precarious teachers. We remind you that the Ministry of Education recently announced the calendar of the Ordinary School Competition with the tests, which will be held from March 14th.

Extraordinary School Competition 2022: Requirements

The extraordinary school competition 2022 will be held until June 15th as established by the revised Milleproroghe decree. Until that date, the text is definitively approved by Parliament, the only test required for d precarious from school. A fundamental requirement to participate in the extraordinary school competition is to have at least one 36 Months Servicethen 3 years of teaching behind the school.

They can take part in the extraordinary school competition within the deadline for submitting applications for participation have served for at least 3 years in the state educational institutes, even if not consecutively, in recent years 5 years scholastik.

The recruitments of the exceptional school competition are planned for a number of places similar to those available and available for the school year 2021-2022, which will remain announced by the entries in the role derived from the ordinary competition 2020.

You can take part in the extraordinary school competition a region a fir only one class of competition. In addition, each candidate can only participate in one class of the contest for which he has entered at least one annuity.

Exceptional school competition: the proof

The test for the extraordinary school competition, as predicted, will be held until June 15, 2022. The characteristics of the written test are defined by the decree of Miur.

After the test has been performed, the regional Ranking it is set up by getting the score in the same and taking into account the evaluation of the qualifications.

The winning candidates of the exceptional school competition, who are placed in a useful position in the ranking, state the converted decree, “will be engaged in the school year 2022/2023 on a fixed basis and participate at its own expense in a training course., Also in collaboration with universities that integrate their professional competencies. “

The winners of the overtime school competition play in a contract under a determination contract annual course of initial training and process. Only after a test at the end of the year and internship course, the teacher is hired and indefinite time.

Confirmation in the role and legal and economic effect of the permanent employment contract will have the date of 1 September 2023. When the appointment is made, the effective date will start “from the start date of the service, at the same school where he served under a permanent contract”.

The criteria for the training courses of those who pass the exceptional school competition and the relevant final test are defined by the decree of the Minister of Education.

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