Extraordinary competitions until, employed teachers can cancel the probationary period. In the university course?

The extraordinary competition foresees several steps before it can reach the role, including the training and probationary period and the execution of the university training. Is it possible to return them?


Applications for participation in the competition have been submitted by June 16, 2022.


The extraordinary procedure in question, provided for in Article 59-bis of Legislative Decree 73/2021, is transformed into Act no. 106/2021, as replaced by Article 5, Section 3-quinquies, of Legislative Decree no. 4/2022, amended into Act no. 25/2022, aims to cover the remaining positions of normal hire (of GaE and GM) and of extraordinary hire (of GPS First Band) as 2021/22.

The procedure is divided into the following steps:

  • Contest consists of a disciplinary test (oral examination) and evaluation of qualifications;
  • Elaboration of merit rankingformed on the basis of the scores obtained in the disciplinary test and the evaluation of the qualifications and including only the winners of the competition;
  • limited employment in S. 2022/23;
  • erausdroen and 2022/23 of a University training course with conclusive evidence;
  • erausdroenduring the term of the provisional contract as 2022/23, del annual course of initial training and process referred to in Article 13 of the Legislative Decree n. 59/2017;
  • permanent employmentafter passing the final test of the university training course and after a positive evaluation of the annual initial training course and test, with legal and economic effect of September 1, 2023 or, if later, of the start date of service, in the same school of fixed-term Employment;
  • to obtain the qualification after confirmation of the role.

University Course and Test Period

Once engaged on a fixed basis, therefore, during the fixed-term contract in the academic year 2022/23, applicants make a University training course, which ends with a final test (to be held until June 15, 2023). Failure to pass the final test leads to publication of the procedure, so the contract can not be transformed for an indefinite period. The service provided is valued as a fixed term task.

During the fixed term contract, in the academic year 2022/23, applicants also do annual course of initial training and process referred to in Article 13 of Legislative Decree 59/2017.

Repetition and postponement of the trial year

Article 19, Section 2, of Ministerial Decree no. 108/2022:

The negative evaluation of the training and test course includes the repetition of the test year according to Article 1, Section 119, of Law no. 107. The suspension of the training and the test course for legitimate legal reasons entails the repetition of the trial year, as Article 438 of Law Decree no. 297, and of Article 1, section 116, of Law no. 107

The annual training and test course for this:

  1. it can only be repeated once, in case of a negative evaluation;
  2. it may be dismissed for legitimate reasons.

Regarding point 2, I specify that the annual training and test course can be postponed if for justified reasons (for instance the case of a teacher on maternity leave) the provided 180 days of service are not achieved, of which at least 120 didactic activities.

Moreover, as in note no. 15681/2022, may also be repeated in case of inability to perform one or more of the activities (again for justified reasons) mandatory [laboratori formativi e attività in presenza, quali il peer to peer, il visiting (per i docenti neoassunti interessati) e la visita delle classi da parte del dirigente scolastico].

Exhibition of university education?

Ministerial Decree n. 108/2022, as regards university education, as mentioned above, states that in the event of a failure of the final test, the procedure is forfeited (hence there is no possibility of repeating the final test).

On the other hand, nothing is foreseen in connection with a possible extension of the above-mentioned route for justified reasons:

  • What happens, for instance, when a teacher who is employed by the extraordinary procedure enters the period of compulsory leave (ie maternity leave)? Or if you enter the above period during the course and fail to complete or take the final test? These are situations that are protected by law.

The provision, since it only refers to holding the final test, leaves room for further indications or provisions for a possible exhibition of the course, but it is good that the Ministry is intervening.

Pass the last test but not the trial period

In addition to the above, it should be clarified what happens even in the case of passing the final test of the university training course but not the training and test course that is possible. also takes into account the timing (the final evaluation of the test period actually takes place between the end of the learning activities (30/06) and the end of the school year, while the university education ends until 15 June 2023): SI should also repeat the university course? Should one only do the final test of such a way?

These are topics that will surely provide new insights.

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