Extraordinary competition until, the procedure for the experienced teacher: Does he have to repeat the probationary year? did you replace it?

Does the teacher who participates in the extraordinary competition have to repeat the test year, if already in the same competition class? Can you refuse the deadline without losing your entry into the role?

We answer the above questions that came to the attention of the editors, first remembering how the procedure was set up.


Competition in question, provided for in Article 59, paragraphs 9 to bis, of Legislative Decree 73/2021 (as amended by Law No. 106/2021), as amended by Article 5, paragraph 3-quinquies, of Legislative Decree no. . 228/2021 (converted into Law No. 15/2022), aims to cover the common places of the high school and in the high school, rest of the entries in the role as 2021/22.

Applicants have submitted their applications for participation by June 16th and now the oral tests are starting to take place. Exceptional competition up to: Test of only 10 minutes, up to 18 candidates per day, design skills. First indications from the commissions


The procedure is divided into the following phases:

  • Contest consists of a disciplinary test (oral examination) and evaluation of qualifications;
  • Earned rankingformed on the basis of the scores obtained in the disciplinary test and the evaluation of the qualifications and including only the winners of the competition;
  • limited employment in the academic year 2022/23;
  • run a university education course in 2022/23 with conclusive evidence;
  • erausdroenduring the duration of the determination contract as 2022/23, from the annual initial training and rehearsal course referred to in Article 13 of the Legislative Decree n. 59/2017;
  • permanent employmentpassing the final test of the university training course and after a positive evaluation of the annual initial training course and test, with legal and economic effect of September 1, 2023 or, if later, from the date of start of service, at the same school of fix -Concept employment;
  • to obtain the qualification after confirmation of the role.


One of our readers asks:

I am a former A-27 teacher (qualified, winner of the 2016 Ordinary Competition, with 4 years role behind me) and due to various circumstances I resigned the role in the academic year. 2020/21. I have submitted a request to participate in the Extraordinary Bis competition, again for competition class A-27, in a region where I am already the winner in terms of numbers, because the number of applications is less than the advertised places. Do I have to repeat the training and test year, which was successfully completed in 2017? If I do not have to repeat that, I can somehow reject the 2022/23 provisional contract, and take up the right to the 2023/24 role.


We answer the questions of our readers:

Q. Do I have to repeat the trial year already in 2017 for the same competition class?

A. No, you must not repeat it, as stated in the annual notes of the new teachers’ probationary years (Note 30345/2021):

Finally, please note that the teachers did not complete the probationary period:

  • who have already completed the training and the probationary period or the FIT course according to DDG 85/2018 in the same Degree of new entry into the role;

To this is added what is always stated in note no. 30345/2021 with regard to teachers employed by the extraordinary procedure by GPS first volume 2021/22, which, although different from the competition procedure in question, is somewhat similar (certain employment and only then indefinite, after completing the course annual training and Test and Disciplinary Test):

If staff have already successfully completed the training and testing period in the same order and degree, they will in any case be subject to the disciplinary test referred to in Section 7 of Legislative Decree 73/2021 mentioned above.

Therefore, assuming that the indications are somewhat similar, in the case of the winning teachers of the outstanding competition until a trial year has already passed, they do not repeat the trial period, but follow the university formation with a final exam. We are, however, awaiting the Ministry’s annual report to confirm what has been said.

Q. Can I somehow reject the 2022/23 designation contract while being given the right to the 2023/24 role?

R. The answer is negative because, as we read in Article 17, Section 8, of Ministerial Decree 108/2022 “The waiver of the appointment determines the distortion of the ranking and other preferences expressed at the time of application, and in no way implies the re-operation of the operations. “

In this regard, we specify that:

  • the assignment of the school, in which the assignment is performed on a fixed basis, will take place according to the electronic modality provided for the assignment of the temporary assignments on 31/08 and 30/06; specifically, applicants submitting an online application to the USRs will be given to individual schools through an automated procedure, based on the position in the ranking and according to the order of preferences expressed; PLEASE NOTE: Extraordinary competition until: for 2022/23 a replacement of 18 hours or part time? In which competition class and in which province?
  • the designation of one of the places (ie schools) indicated in the application implies acceptance of the same;
  • the candidate who does not apply for participation in the offices will be assigned an office school, according to the orders of the candidates who have submitted a regular application;
  • the waiver of the appointment implies the publication of the ranking and the other preferences expressed in the application, and does not entail the remaking of the operations;
  • Failure to indicate certain places will result in the disclaimer of unspecified places and, if the candidate status on the requested places is not satisfied, publication of the ranking. As a result, as in the case mentioned above, the fixed term task of putting on the roll is lost.

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