Extraordinary competition until: Places canceled even if ranked in September. Who risks losing the replacement [VIDEO]

New appointment with the questionnaire of the Orizzonte Scuola dedicated to hiring and the role: in the live broadcast on July 26, with Chiara Cozzetto of Anief as a guest, there was also talk of an extraordinary competition up to substitutes.

Extraordinary competition until: the places are cancelled

Extraordinary competition until: the tests run very slowly and for many competition classes/regions it will not be possible to have the ranking until August 31st.

However, the places for the winners have already been set aside and can also be awarded in September, so that the development of the training, trial and training year is guaranteed for the teachers concerned, for an indefinite period from September 2023 to reach

This is a procedure that has nothing to do with the assignment of the replacement appointment, which is aimed at the role of the first Band Support GPS.

The extraordinary until – specified Cozzetto during question time – it was not banned for GPS support. So the two procedures do not overlap. No support venue has been announced for the outstanding encore. When the rankings of the extraordinary bis are published, recruitments can be made, because their posts have been set (about 14 thousand). Since this is a substitute determination, the substitute player can choose it even if the rankings are published on September 5th. The problem remains that if the seat had already been assigned, the deputy would lose the appointment“.

In another article we have an overview of the regional situation from extraordinary to. And we have actually seen that in some regions the tests have been completed or are underway, in others they will last until September or, as in the case of Piedmont, the tests will be postponed to September. In other regions, everything is even at a standstill.

It is therefore difficult and in some cases impossible to obtain the ranking of the participants in this procedure provided for in paragraph 9bis of Legislative Decree 73/2021 in good time before the appointment of substitutes.

And therefore, substitutes also in the places for the extraordinary competition until? At the risk of losing it when it comes to handing it out to the winner (already happened last year with the STEM 2021 competition)?

The timing of the assignment of substitutes is not known, but it is known that until August 10th the operations for the placement and the role will be closed, as indicated in the notice of July 21st.

  • from August 2 Completion of the ordinary operation of the entry into the roll
  • of August 10. Quick call

More detailed information will probably come after the report to the trade union ministry, which is scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, July 28.

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42:28 We can hypothesize an extraordinary competition until after August 10 and then the substitutions (including recruitments according to role of GPS support first band?) (QUESTION FROM SCHOOL HORIZON)

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