Extraordinary competition until, PD: in the next days we meet the precarious ones, they deserve our attention

In a note, the Democratic Party draws attention to the extraordinary competition. Caterina Altomare, School Manager PD Sicily with Manuela Ghizzoni National University and Research Manager and Irene Manzi National School Manager, explain the next steps of the dem.

We pay particular attention to the requests of many participants in the next extraordinary competition, provided for in Article 59, section 9bis, of Law Decree 73/2021, and reserved for teachers who have rendered a service, in public schools, from to the at least three in the last 5 school years. It is a procedure that is strongly desired by the Democratic Party during the reorganization of the Legislative Decree and designed to fill the common places of the high school that remained empty at the end of the many insolvency proceedings that are going on. The Democratic Party’s original proposal presented for the formation of a ranking based on the evaluation of a simulated lesson, qualifications and service.

“There was no minimum score to pass the test and all candidates who were put in a useful position to cover the available professors would be sent to an academic training course lasting one semester, with a final test, which, if they year, would have allowed access to the probation year for the role of September 1, 2022. The final text, the result of the changes requested by the government, changed in many respects the original proposal of the PD: the oral test was limited to the determination of disciplinary knowledge, participation was limited only to precarious public schools, the cost of academic training was put on the participants “.

“Strongly convinced of the need for exceptional procedure in favor of precarious teaching staff, the PD, during the adoption of the Milleproroghe Decree, proposed the amendment of the competition procedure by the possibility of obtaining qualification through the acquisition of CFUs and Inclusion in the merit ranking for all participants in the outstanding competition until. Unfortunately, this proposal was not accepted and is now the focus of one of the teachers’ demands. We understand the aspirations of many of the teachers involved in the competition. are, some of them were also us, but we want to remind you that the rules for the competition are dictated by a law, which is not possible when conducting the competition. derogate except with another rule of law. “Government agreement. A complex approach that risks further delays the current course of the competition”.

Finally: “We have been following this procedure from the beginning and we will continue to do so, constantly listening to the problems we have encountered in recent months. Precisely for this reason, the Sicily School Department
in the next days he will meet the precarious “

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