Extraordinary competition until, declaration of qualifications in the application. Which one must be presented to the USR

Applications for participation in the Extraordinary Bis Contest will be submitted until June 16, 2022. Declaration of qualifications in the online application. Which one should be presented.

To fill out the application, entry tickets and available seats, read here

Procedure articulation

The extraordinary recruitment procedure in question (provided for in Article 59, section 9-bis, of Legislative Decree No. 73/2021, as amended by Law No. 106/2021, as amended by Legislative Decree 228/2021, as amended by Act No. 15/2022) includes the following steps:

  • Contest consists of a disciplinary test (oral examination) and evaluation of qualifications;
  • Earned rankingformed on the basis of the scores obtained in the disciplinary test and the evaluation of the qualifications and including only the winners of the competition;
  • limited employment in S. 2022/23;
  • erausdroen and 2022/23 of a University Training Course with conclusive evidence;
  • erausdroenduring the duration of the provision contract as 2022/23, del annual course of initial training and process referred to in Article 13 of the Legislative Decree n. 59/2017;
  • permanent hiring and confirmation of the roleafter the final test of the university training course and after a positive evaluation of the annual initial training course and test, with legal and economic effect from 1 September 2023 or, if later, from the date of commencement of service, in the same school of temporary work.

The title

The titles:

  • are shown in Table B, Ministerial Decree no. 108/2022;
  • they have to meet the deadline for applications to participate in the competition, that is to say until June 16, 2022;
  • they are: entrance tickets; academic and scientific qualifications; Service Titles.
  • they can be rated by a maximum of 50 points.

Declaration of titles

Qualifications must be declared in the online application, in accordance with Presidential Decree no. 445/2000, in the specific section of the same. The Administration reserves the right to exercise appropriate controls over the content of the declarations, in accordance with Article 71 of the above-mentioned Presidential Decree.


  • of incomplete or partial declarations, the same may subsequently be regulated within the terms of the relevant USR;
  • by false declarations the aspirant loses all benefits obtained on the basis of false declarations. Such (false) statements are prosecuted by law.

Non-declarable securities

Titles that cannot be documented with self-certification or substitutive declaration cannot be declared in the application.

These qualifications, as we read in Article 7 of the competition notice, must be presented to the USR responsible for the procedure after taking the oral test, according to the methods specified by the USR itself and no later than five days of the performance of the above test (oral).

For example, we list some qualifications to present because they cannot be documented with self-certification or self-certification:

  • medical and health certificates;
  • Publications, articles, books or parts thereof;
  • Titles that are the reserve of seats.

The list, let us repeat it, must be understood as an example and not effortlessly. It is advisable to monitor the USR site of interest, indicating how to present a title and how to present it.

How to put academic and scientific qualifications in the application

From the page with the sections of the application (to access it, read here), click on “Login” under the “Other Valuable Qualifications” section:

Once you have clicked on “Login”, scroll down the page until you find the title to add, then click on Add (see arrow in the following image):

Once you have clicked on “Add”, click on “Add” again and enter the required information regarding the title; then click Save:

Once you have clicked “Save”, you will be taken back to the page containing the sections of the instance.

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DM 108/2022

DIRECTORIAL DECRÉ n. 1081 of 6 May 2022

Extraordinary contest until, candidacy until June 16th. Our GUIDES, study programs and assessable qualifications

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