Extraordinary competition until, 1922 places for A022, 1800 for A028, 1130 for A027. The competition classes with more places

The Ministry of Education has the distribution of the approximately 14,000 places by competition class and region for the extraordinary competition up to. The competition only affects secondary school courses.

DISTRIBUTION OF COMPETITION CLASSES (Processing of Orizzonte Scuola on ministerial data)

PLEASE NOTE Of course, one or more of these elements may, from the time of publication of the notice, be subject to variation. The decree and announcement are expected soon, as the CSPI has already given its opinion.

Admission requirements for the contest

Based on the DRAFT, teachers can participate who can shape themselves

  • specific qualification or access qualification for the specific competition class or similar qualification obtained abroad and recognized in Italy according to current legislation
  • have not participated in the proceedings referred to in paragraph 4 of the same Article 59 or, in spite of their participation, have not been identified as the recipient of a contract to enter into the role pursuant to the same paragraph;
  • have, from the 2017/2018 school year and within the time limit for submitting the application for participation, performed a service in the state educational institutes for at least three years, even if not consecutively, assessed under Article 11, Section 14, of the Law of May 3, 1999, n. 124.
  • one of the annuities in the time frame considered must be specific, that is, for the class of contest conducted for which participation is requested.

Those who have obtained the additional qualifications abroad, in any case the relative application for recognition under the current legislation within the time limit for the application of the competition, will be admitted with reserves.

The service performed in a support post, even without specialization qualification, is considered valid for purposes of participation in the exceptional procedure for the class of the competition, without prejudice to the registration title and the specific year of service.

You need the specific year of service (in a common place, not in support) for the class of the contest you are participating in.

Extraordinary_concorso_decreto_decreto_concorso_decreto with qualification evaluation table


Do Timeline preceded

  • April 2022 call
  • 30 days for submitting the application to online applications
  • Commission formation
  • Call for candidates
  • oral examination held June 15th
  • Confirmed assignment for winners of September 1, 2022
  • Education and collaboration with universities (40 hours, 5 credits) + trial year and education in the school year 2022/23
  • permanent job from September 1, 2023

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