Extraordinary Competition 2022, Information Decree: Ministry convenes the unions

New extraordinary competition 2022 for the precarious teacher who have been in service for at least 3 years: next Tuesday, March 15, 2022, is a meeting between the technicians of the Ministry of Education and the representatives of the unions. The central topic will be the information about the Decree of Ministry of Education which will lead to the publication of the announcement of the new extraordinary competition, which will have to cover the remaining places of the entries in the role for the school year 2021/22.

New Extraordinary Competition 2022, Information from the Ministry of Education to the Trade Unions on the Decree

Next Tuesday, March 15, is the meeting between Ministry of Education In the Trade unions on the information of the decree on the new competition procedure reserved for teachers and possession of special requisites.

Places and participation requirements

DEN Beaches provided, should be around fifteen thousand, will be banned at regional level: therefore, for each region the Substitute annual fees accrued during the current school year GPS and of GAEuntil 31 August 2022.

The Milleproroghe Decree reserved the characteristics of the new competition procedure, reserved for teachers not listed under those in paragraph 4, who have served in the state educational institutions for at least 3 years, even non-consecutive, within the deadline for submission of applications for participation.last five school years, assessed according to Article 11, Section 14 of Law no. 124 ‘.

The merit ranking

What the regional merit rankingthese are prepared on the basis of the qualifications and the score obtained in a disciplinary test June 15, 2022the characteristics of which are defined by decree of the Minister of Education.

Within the limits of the places referred to in this paragraph which are not made available for the operations of Mobility In the Enter the rolethe successful candidates, who are placed in a useful place in the rankings, are hired for a fixed term from the school year 2022/2023 and participate with honors at their own expense in a training also in collaboration with universities that integrate their professional skills.

During the contract of appointment, the candidates also make the Woe annual of initial training and test referred to in Article 13 of Legislative Decree 13 April 2017, n. 59. After the passage of the test which completed the course referred to in the fifth period, as well as the passage of the annual initial training course into the test professor is employed for an indefinite period of time and confirmed in the role with legal and economic effect of 1 September 2023 or, if later, from the date of introduction of the service, in the same school where he served on a fixed basis.

The formation in the fifth period referred to in the relatively final test are arranged with Decree of the Minister of Education. The rankings referred to in this paragraph are lost after entry into the role of winners.

Therefore, it is not yet possible to apply, because we have to wait for the publication of Decree in the Official Gazette. To enter, a fee specified in the Milleproroghe Decree (as in other contests) must be paid as a “secretarial contribution”. The contribution should be 10 euros.

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