Extension of support for the installation of the first GPS bracket, the Ministry of Justice is coming: this provides for the procedure. DRAFT [PDF]

The arrest warrant comes with the indications about the recruitments from the GPS support lists for the first band. This is an extension of the provision, which was already implemented last school year. The measure was contained in the Milleproroghe Decree, which was adopted by Parliament at the end of December.

It is primarily about extending the recruitment of specialized teachers from the provincial rankings to guarantee substitutes for the right to education of students with disabilities, whose text, which constitutes Art. 5-bis of the Milleproroghe Decreereads like this: “To meet the needs of school support and to guarantee the rights of students with disabilities, most punished by the deterioration and persistence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the application of the procedure provided for in Article 59, Section 4, of the Decree-Law of 25 May 2021, n. 73, amended, with amendments, by the Act of 23 July 2021, n. 106, is extended for recruitment regarding vacancies and available positions in schools of all levels for the school year 2022/2023, limited to subjects listed in the first volume of the provincial rankings for substitutes reserved for teachers owned by Title of specialization on support“.

The procedure allocates the free and available support posts that remain after the entrances to the role, which are arranged annually by GM and the GAE, not by the allocation of all seats allocated to ordinary competitions (Departmental Decree 21 April 2020, numbers 498 and 499 and subsequent amendments and additions) if the associated procedures have not yet been completed.

Teachers can be hired on a fixed basis for spare parts and support posts, until 31 August 2023and will perform at the same time annual course of initial training and process. If they pass it positively, then they can have one Permanent Contract. Entry into the role will have legal effect from 1 September 2022 onwards.

The procedure

  • the designation of a permanent contract for teachers enrolled in the first volume of the provincial ranking of substitutes for support posts. The contract referred to in paragraph 1 shall be offered exclusively in the province and in the types of posts for which the teacher is registered in the first band of GPS for support posts and for which he produces an application.
  • Carry out the annual initial training course and pass the disciplinary aptitude test
  • Entry into the role with legal effect from September 1, 2022.

Distribution of places

With regard to the allocation of places, school offices verify the applications presented, candidates are sent to individual schools through an automated procedure in theOrder of the types of places indicated and preferences expressed, based on the position in the first band of the support GPS roof. In case of indication of synthetic preferences, LOrder of preference of educational institutions allwithin the municipality or district is based on theincreasing the alphanumeric order of the mechanographic code. The results of theIdentifications are communicated by the local offices to the teachers and schools concerned.

Year course of training and eligibility test

Candidates suspected and assigned to the school with a TD contract on 31 August do the annual initial training and test course (Article 13 of Legislative Decree 13 April 2017, n.59). After the positive evaluation of the path, the teachers take a disciplinary test which is passed by the candidates who reach a threshold of requirement, therefore there is noAttribution of a score. The test is evaluated by an external commissionService educational institution. In the event of a positive evaluation of the annual training and testing course and a positive judgment of the disciplinary test, the teacher will be employed indefinitely, starting September 1, 2022, and will therefore benefit from the statutory backdating of permanent employment.

Disciplinary evidence

The disciplinary test consists of an interview of the claimant aims to check, in relation to the programs referred to, respectively, in point A.4 of theAnnex A to the Decree of the Minister 5 November 2021, n. 325, for the school ofChildhood and primary school and in point A.2.1 ofAnnex A to the Ministerial Decree of 9 November 2021, n. 326 for lower and upper secondary, possession and proper exercise, in relation toTeacher experience and validated by the positive overcoming of theYears of initial training and testing, of knowledge and skills, based on individual pedagogical planning, which, respecting the rhythms and learning styles and needs of each student, in close collaboration with the other members of the classroom interventions identified between learning and Socialization and the full exploitation of the trainee’s skills and potential.

The procedure is completed by July 2023.

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