“Expansion of the Budrio di Longiano school complex”

“A few days ago, a letter was distributed by the municipality of Longiano, in the school, in which the conclusion, on February 4, of the pre-registration procedures for the school year 2022/2023 was announced. The residents of the neighborhoods Budrio and Badia di Longiano, he remembers how Budrio was fortunate enough to welcome a school complex of reference to the area both for the quality of the teaching staff and for the attention paid to the children of the village. often the enrollment. of new students, even if it is planned or planned in time, will eventually far exceed expectations.The question therefore becomes a topic of school construction “. This was stated by the President of the District Council Michele Fratellanza.

“The school of Budrio and Badia di Longiano – details – are a local excellence of education. Recognized as such by the families of the territory and the communes of Longiano. To date, however, this same quality of education provided in Budrio di Longiano Not only the capable management of the Institut Comprensivo but I also think of the teaching staff and, last but not least, the Institute Council, have guaranteed achievements, both in education and which is full of receptivity.fills the emptiness of a multi-year school building program, which is not the autonomy of the school, but the goal of the management of the public infrastructures. Now it is more necessary than ever to focus on the real problem. Projects to expand the premises of the Budrio di Longiano complex. It is important to invest in school buildings. The families of the Budrio district have been asking for this for several years in the district ot has represented this need for years during public meetings.

“For our country – further fratellanza – the recovery plan now provides a unique opportunity to differentiate investments, activate task forces and renovate school buildings, build safe and energy efficient, highly connected and digitized buildings in which our students have resources and resources These investments have a very high social value and for the future of our community. Why not change your mind and consider school buildings not as an emergency but as a strategic investment. The first is above all the idea of a school building: less and less “containers”, more and more “citizens’ centers”.


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