Expansion of Gioia Tauro’s Severi: Versace meets Mayor Alessio in school

This morning, in the “Gilda Trisolini” room of the Palazzo Alvaro, the acting mayor of the Metropolitan city of Reggio Calabria, Carmelo Versace, met with the manager of the construction sector, Giuseppe Mezzatesta, the mayor and the deputy mayor of Gioia Tauro. , Aldo Alessio and Carmen Moliterno, School Principal, Regent of the Severi Institute, Anna Rita Galletta, and the Representatives of Teachers and Students on the Board of Directors of the Pianigiana School.

The meeting mainly served to assess the situation of the 3 million euro loan, with the demolition of a part of the “Severi” and the vertical construction of a structure, in addition to that area, for more classrooms the important to make educational equipment. Center of Gioia Tauro.

“It was a very fruitful meeting – said Mayor Versace – during which the Metropolitan City reiterated the maximum openness and availability for the confrontation, with every component interested in the realization of the work, directly from the design stages and up to their final Dialogue, consultation and transparency are indeed the cornerstones of our administrative action and we want the new “Severi” to emerge precisely from the contribution of teachers, students and families who operate and act on a daily basis in what it represents. for education and training in the territory “.

The proceedings – he continues – are progressing rapidly, as manager Giuseppe Mezzatesta reassured, to whom my heartfelt thanks go for the laudable work he is carrying out, assisted by the entire metropolitan sector. Until 31 December, therefore, the deadline is “for the awarding of the works and we are in a position to confirm that the site will be open from the first months of next year. “Logistical problems regarding the distribution of some classrooms in Taurianova and the rents on Gioia Tauro with respect to which the municipal administration of Gioia Tauro has, right from the start, expressed the highest commitment”.

“In the immediate future – concluded the tenant of Palazzo Alvaro – various options are being explored by the institution to minimize the inconvenience encountered by students and their families, who in any case are always able to count on the active contribution of the metropolitan. ».

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