Exceptional Until competition comes, ANIEF: guarantee ranking with all applicants for scrolling

The information to the trade unions of the Ministry of Education on the announcement of the extraordinary competition up to the secondary, provided by Decree 73/2021, Art 59, Section 9bis, has just been completed. Various issues addressed during the meeting of ANIEF Secretaries General Chiara Cozzetto and Marco Giordano.

Among them is the timing, which announced a violation with respect to what is stated in the rule, which set June 15 as the deadline for conducting the disciplinary oral examination. The announcement, in fact, should go into the Gazzetta no earlier than a few weeks, then there will be 30 days for the submission of applications, finally at least 20 days notice for the date of the tests submitted by the be communicated. regional school offices to candidates (approximately 50,000 eligible candidates, according to Ministry estimates). So it is almost certain that the oral tests will start in late June or, more likely, early July.

Another question on the table is that of the rankings. ANIEF has strongly reiterated, as necessary, the full publication, with scores and positions, of all participants to ensure transparency and in particular to ensure scrolling in case of waiver, in order to avoid unallocated places as well and remain present. of applicants. The ministry seems to see the possibility of slipping unfavorably, and reiterates that the procedures provide for the identification of only winners. Bad point, on which the ministry did not open any gaps, however, that of the very high registration fee for the contest, which was set at 128 euros. Really too much, considering that those who fall in the number of places in the competition also have to bear the cost of training, at the end of which a test has to be done to get to the permanent contract.

The “exceptional to” procedure for secondary education, we recall, offers the possibility of access – in a single region and only for a competition class – to a non-selective competition procedure with oral examinations and assessable qualifications. The oral examination will be without minimum limit for its passing with an exclusive disciplinary program as required by Anief and, therefore, without the part of the school legislation. To participate, it is necessary to have the qualification or qualification to access the competition class with the additional requirement of 3 years of service, of which at least one is in the specific competition class. The service, which is performed on a support post without specialization, will be useful for the three-year period, while the need for the year remains fixed on the competition class. Finally, the ANIEF requested access to the exceptional Bis also for those who participated in the entries in the role of the first GPS bracket for another place / class of the competition and the possibility with reservation also the current school year for the Performance to use. of service requirements (three annuities in the last five of which are at least one in the specific class for which you are competing). The ministry will soon be discussing proposals to change the unions’ announcement.

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