Montesano sulla Maricani.

Montesano sulla Maricani focuses on education and culture. “In the paraphrase of Victor Hugo, we can say that when a new school opens, a prison of ignorance is closed.” Mayor Giuaeppe Rinaldi wrote on Facebook. The key is, we have built a new school in the Montesano area that enriches and qualifies our educational offering. If things are desired until the end, they can be done right away! This is also the South we love! “

On May 27 at 8:30 a.m. the first bell will ring over XI Settembre di Montesano Scalo.

“A building – continues the mayor – named after the masters Bosco and Casaburi, who marked several generations of students especially in the Scalo Weiler. the Masters and Masters in our Italian school.A building that looks modern: security in class 4 (the highest), home automation systems, high-class insulation and energy efficiency, wire with new technological networks, special classrooms, classroom Magna with also external entrance ( useful). for public gatherings that have so far lacked a place in the Scalo Weiler) and more. “.

The mayor announced that in the next few days, work will also be carried out on the first playground in the area for everyone. The indoor gym is also planned, as work and design will start on all the school complexes of the entire community area.

“A big and significant event of the inauguration, which we decided to promote in the last days of the school year, as soon as the electrification work of the region is completed, both as a sign of the end of the year for our students who will be on a new place of beauty of their way and because the last days will help us understand what to improve, what is missing, what in addition, allows us to make the necessary interventions in the summer months.In a new house, only if it is lived, understands You have everything you need and in order to manage it well, you also need humility “, the words of the Tricolore Band.