“Everyone in the field” is about halfway through

ANCONA – “Halfway” for the territorial phases of the championship for classes “All in the field”, a competition promoted for secondary schools of I and II grades of the region by the regional school office for marches. Event whose main goal is to involve the students from the participating schools as much as possible in school sports, not just the qualified ones. In fact, the provincial competitions were held by Ancona and Pesaro, organized by the respective territorial representatives for physical and sports education, who awarded the first, second and third classes of the secondary schools in two classes for each session (two years and three years) of the higher institutions. In the Ancona region, the first class of the comprehensive “Novelli-Natalucci” Institute of Ancona, the second class of the “Cittadella Margherita Hack” Institute of the same city and the third class of the Beltrami “of Filottrano. For the high school, Success of the “Cambi” high schools in Falconara Marittima (two years) and “Volterra” in Fabriano (three years). For the province of Pesaro, on the other hand, first place for the first class of the “Campanini” middle school in Pesaro and an important achievement for the comprehensive “Alighieri” Institute of the same city, which conquered primacy both among the second. Classes and among the third. ) and the ITI “Mattei” (three years). The two phases that have been held so far have seen the participation of almost 580 students from the Ancona-based schools and about 450 students from the province of Pesaro and Urbino.

During the school phase, students in a series of individual “athletic tests” tried their hand at their own school, which also came in handy with the restrictions that have hitherto been characterized by physical education and sports school activities. The results of the individual tests are merged into one “class score”, which determines the “winning” classes in each institution participating in the initiative. The territorial phases are reserved for these classes, planned for each province in two days, each for one of the two school classes and carried out thanks to the technical support of FIDAL and the cooperation of the local authorities for the use of the facilities.

In addition to the goal of inclusivity (the “motto” of the competition is “Everyone in the field. Running, jumping, throwing: every result counts”), the initiative of the USR Marche wants to motivate as many young people as possible for motor skills to practice basic (running, long jump, throwing, rope, core stability …), and the belief that the pedagogical value of sport can play a fundamental role in the education of young students. It also highlights the work of the teacher of physical education and motor science during the lessons and supports and integrates the activities of the student championships, which resume in the meantime after the break and the pandemic and aim to achieve excellence in the representation of Institute. Upcoming events for schools in the province of Macerata (April 21 and 22) and in the provinces of Ascoli Piceno and Fermo (May 18 and 19).


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