Evaluation without qualifications even in high school: there are already those who do it and also organize training independently

While the debate about the expert teacher is raging, the teacher is permanently stimulated and the more or less compulsory training, with unions that clearly define the right and the duty of updating and training by contract, in the real school sometimes it is a little continue. their own, even outside the usual rituals.
As it happened on the day of Saturday 17 at the Padre Semeria Institute in Rome where about fifty high school teachers met, who spent the whole morning meeting with the university teachers (the teachers Fabio Bocci and Cristiano Corsini from Rome and Roma Tre and Simone Giusti teacher of the Italian language in Siena). During the meeting Vanessa RoghiHistorian, author of a recent and successful book (The Courageous Spatzen. Cipì, Mario Lodi and the democratic school) presented a video with a collection of interviews and previous testimonies on the subject of elections.
Other interventions to report, those of Teacher Serenella Presutti in theMarina Monaco teacher.
To coordinate the debate Alessia BarbagliLecturer at IC Padre Semeria.

The “curious” and unusual fact is that it was not an official and formalized training course, but a self-organized meeting promoted by high school teachers who concretely experiment in their classes (or intend to “expose themselves” to do so) assessment methods in which numerical grade not expected to be used. The maximum of the irritation came at the end of the meeting with the conclusions, which were not entrusted to the professor on duty, but to the student, Valeria Cigliana.

In the primary school, the right to vote was already abolished more than a year ago, but can this be done in the secondary school (and especially in the second school year)?

“Of course, it is possible to break the rules – Cristiano Corsini answers – instead of numbers, it is possible to use descriptive feedback, which, unlike grades, has a positive impact on the development of learning. It is possible, without breaking the rules, to use the vote only at the end of the quarter or at the end of the year.

But then why doesn’t it happen too often?

For many reasons, for example because there are teachers who ignore the legislation and think that it requires them to cast an “adequate number of votes”. Nothing could be more wrong. And then there are groups of teachers and managers who impose themselves on the payment of the infamous congruous number of votes, approve regulations that identify evaluation and grades and renounce evaluation as a didactic strategy.

Maybe there is a teacher in a school who would like to try

Yes, of course, but they are actually in the minority.

Of course, there are also those who honestly defend the vote…

That’s right, there are teachers and managers who sincerely believe that the degree is educational. Does the empirical evidence say otherwise? Patience. Then there are also families, students and students who demand the vote. The point is that there is a company that entitles the vote. The company that justifies the vote is the same company that is justified by the vote.

Tell us better…

The school degree justifies the competition, coercion and commodification of knowledge and competition, the coercion and commodification of knowledge justifies the school degree. It is a matter of choosing which side to take.

But this is a debate that comes from afar

Exactly. In the letter to a teacher from the School of Barbiana (1967) there is a very interesting passage.
The purpose of your children is also a mystery. Maybe there isn’t, maybe it’s vulgar. Day by day they study for the register, for the card, for the diploma. Meanwhile, they are distracted by the beautiful things they are studying. Languages, history, sciences, everything becomes a vote and nothing else. Behind those sheets of paper there is only individual interest. The diploma is cash. None of you say that. But squeezing the juice tight is that. To be happy to study in your schools, you should already be 12 years old. At the age of 12, there are few careerists. So much so that most of your children hate school. Your vulgar invitation deserved no other response.

And then?

Then there are teachers, managers, students and students, mothers and fathers who think differently. People who met yesterday in a Roman school. Very quiet.

In short, can we say that “there is hope when this happens with ..”?

I would say yes, in the Italian school there is everything, there are also people who give up a free day to discuss, study and give their students a few more opportunities. The final debate was so intense and articulate that the work continued well beyond the scheduled time.

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