Eurosophy launches new 25-hour training course: “Teachers and school inclusion in the classroom with disabled students”

The need to make the school an inclusive environment that enhances the potential of all students with its specificities is increasingly a shared responsibility, it is not the exclusive prerogative of teachers

All teachers for the new school year, they must participate in these formations touching on different topics:

  • Inclusivity
  • Design
  • Didactics

With you Note issued by Ministry of Education, Number 27622 of 6 September with the objective “Training exercise of teachers for the purpose of involving pupils with disabilities according to paragraph 961, Art. 1 of the Law of 30 December 2020, n. 178 – Ministerial Decree 188 of 21.6.2021 ′; Teacher education is highly recommended in classes with at least one student with a disability.

It is therefore essential that all teachers undergo training 25 hours if it was in their classes at least one student with a disability.

Teachers must also acquire basic knowledge about inclusivity, which is considered as one of the major priorities of the school system, as stated in Ministerial Decree no. 188 of 21.06.2021, since Art. 1, paragraph 961, of the Budget 2021 law outlined for the year 2021.

Eurosophy has structured an ad hoc training course:

Teachers and school inclusion in the class of disabled students “

The course has a duration of 25 hours, in E-Learning Mode. The recorded lessons can be reviewed at any time by logging in to the Eurosophia platform and logging in with the login information on our site.


The figure of the teacher’s support seems to be among the most in demand at the moment, as the number of pupils who have to be accompanied on the way to school, from a figure who is professionally prepared to manage the approach under certain conditions, first of all. grows. Promote student inclusion and integration.

Specifically, it aims to pursue and support pupils with special educational needs who fall into the range of young people or children who have experienced a learning disability or deficit after appropriate medical examination in accordance with the provisions of Article 13 of the Decree n. 249 of 2010.

Core values ​​for learning and learning can be identified as the basis for the work of teachers in inclusive school settings. These values ​​are associated with areas of expertise. The areas of competence have three elements: behavior, knowledge, competence. A certain behavior or personal belief requires a certain level of knowledge or understanding and therefore the ability to put that knowledge into practice. IN THE

the training of teachers involved in the classroom with pupils with disabilities is fundamental to foster the school inclusion of pupils with disabilities and to guarantee the principle of shared ownership of pupils themselves.


The course aims to give teachers an exhaustive picture of the strange characteristics of the various disabilities, many examples and suggestions for working effectively, both from the point of view of relationship management and from the didactic point of view, from a full perspective. Inclusivity.

If you want to activate the training in your school.

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