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Good practices, strengthening institutional capacity and new perspectives of the new 2021-2027 programming. These are the themes at the center of the annual event of the 2014-2020 ESF OP of the Sicilian region. The aim is to adapt and define the new programming strategy of Cycle 14-20, in order to maximize the results that have been achieved in these seven years.

Dedicated six years for training and inclusion

The first session was dedicated to an in-depth analysis, which “leads from public consultation to consultation with the Economic and Social Partnership” on the topics of education, training, social inclusion and employment. “A six-year period is coming to an end and a new one is opening up. In the field of education and vocational training, the transition will be marked by continuity – said Roberto Lagalla, Councilor for Education – and by relaunching some fundamental actions: the fight against educational poverty, the inclusion of students with different skills and the strengthening of employment through vocational training that addresses the needs of work in the world of production.

Target spending goals

As Lagalla pointed out, early school leaving was reduced by 30%, and a concrete application of the principle of subsidiarity was integrated, integrating regional and national interventions. “In particular, we aimed to guarantee spending and today we have set spending targets for the Sicilian region. The focus was also on improving IeFp courses, the dual system and first level learning, with the result of over 1,700 apprenticeship contracts signed in Sicily.

The results presented by Scavone

Antonio Scavone, family counselor, also gave a rating of 14-20 programming. “A great job that has engaged us in recent years,” said Scavone, “and that has brought flattering results in the socio-labor insertion of issues in criminal execution, in the training of family assistants, in the world of disability with 25 committed interventions, women victims of violence with the opening of over 50 listening counters, shelters and secret houses invested in the fight against addiction with over 2 million.

Funds for the Covid emergency

The resources of the European Social Fund were also essential to counteract the effects of the pandemic. There were 390 Sicilian municipalities supported with 30 million, fully calculated, for the purchase of basic necessities, for the payment of utilities and for rent. The new cycle will increasingly focus on young men and women. “Among the actions that will take place in the next programming,” Scavone said, “attention will be paid to child support (minors growing up in the suburbs of large metropolitan areas) by focusing on oratories, volunteer centers and tents for minors, training for operators. of crèche schools (18 million euros) and vis-à-vis issues in a state of fragility (30 million euros), but also new measures such as the exchange of labor, which provide for the integration of labor information systems, social and health services. On the women’s front, we also want to involve the anti-violence centers for the listening and integration of women, but also with the project “New Skills” with 5 tables that will be set up for a while, for the orientation and qualification of women. the numbers in the labor market “.

The “New Way” Project.

At the center of the second session, however, the actions of the Sicilian region were implemented, also thanks to the contribution of European resources, for a more effective regulation and better governance of the regional offices and for the modernization and overhaul of the organization and Management. Structures of the Sicilian judicial offices with the intervention of Mariano Sciacca, President of the Bankruptcy and Business Section of the Court of Catania, underlining how, thanks to the “New Ways” project, there has been a change of pace in the Court of Appeal. Catania with the ” opening of the first office “Innovation and Organizational Development” intended to pursue and manage European funds and create a real synergy between all the actors involved with the creation of Memoranda of Understanding.

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