European education: Liceo Marzolla Leo Simone Durano ‘Ambassador School of the European Parliament’ | neiⓈ

Friday, May 20, 2022, at 10:30 a.m. in the Auditorium ‘C. Zonno ‘of the Liceo Classico’ B. Marzolla ‘, the official ceremony will be held during the Lycée Pole Marzolla Leo Simone Durano of Brindisi-San Vito dei Normanni will be designated ‘European Parliament Ambassador School in the presence of civilian and military authorities. The event seals the training course – in the EPAS Project, ‘European Parliament Ambassador School‘2021/2022conducted by the students of the same high school, who followed with great enthusiasm and interest all the activities of the project, to promote the knowledge of the institutional systems and the parliamentary democracy of Europe.

During the ceremony, the students, who as Junior Ambassadors, recount – not without emotion – her theoretical and practical experience during the school year, where she met some representatives of the Liaison Office of the European Parliament as well as the Ambassador of the Antonio Megalizzi Foundation. and Beethoven’s Hymn to Joy, by the students of the Liceo Musicale ‘G. Durano ‘, will see its culmination in the fortification of the plaque, which Liceo’ Marzolla Leo Simone Durano ‘recognizes and identifies as the’ Ambassador School of the European Parliament ‘.

The initiative is part of a broader framework of training actions implemented by the high school to encourage “European” education among its students: last Saturday, May 14th, students and teachers prof. Carmen Taurinomeets the honorable Member of the European Parliament Chiara Gemmato complete theEuropean workshopsan initiative of the European Parliament planned for the current year, identified by the European Union as “European Year of Youth 2022“.

That’s where the projects come from E-Twinning that the school is developing in collaboration with foreign schools (from music to languages), as well as the recent accreditation to the European program ‘Erasmus’, for the mobility and cultural exchange of pupils and school staff. In addition, the 23rd of May is the official ceremony for the delivery of the B1 and B2 language certification certificates (Cambridge English), achieved by the students of the three complexes, on the basis of a now consolidated tradition, at the Lycée Pol, of great attention to languages ​​and to Europe.

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