Erice, the Simona Genco Association donates a defibrillator to a school


This morning the delivery ceremony for “Giovanni Pascoli”

This morning, the association Simona Genco donated a defibrillator to the first club “Giovanni Pascoli”, based in via Caserta in Erice. The device was purchased by the association with the proceeds of a social dinner held by members last December. School teacher Antonella Filingeri, members of the association and members of Simona Genco’s family attended the ceremony.

This is the second donation from the association of a defibrillator to a local school: in November 2020, the school “Gian Giacomo Ciaccio Montalto” of Trapani actually benefited from it.

“We strongly and firmly believe in the social mission of our association and in the social and humanitarian goals that we have set ourselves since its inception,” said Laura Di Bella, President of the Association. it is essential to further spread the culture of public health protection.In this sense, the defibrillator in a school is a very important device for protecting the health of children, as well as the training of staff, through BLS-D courses, “We believe that we have invested in the best possible way the proceeds of the donations from the members and friends who support us, for sure our Simona would be proud of us today.”

“I would like to thank, on behalf of the city of Erice and the Erice community, the members of the association and Simona’s family for their decision to assign the defibrillator to a school in the Erice region -” commented the mayor of Erice. Erice, Daniela Toscano -. I consider it a gesture of great generosity towards our children, which is incorporated in the process of installing these rescue devices in our schools. A gesture to be proud of, which honors the members themselves and which serves the cardioprotection process of our territory. Thank you very much for that, and it’s fitting to say it for you all ».

“I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the Simona Genco Association, also on behalf of all the school staff, students and their families, for the donation of the defibrillator,” said teacher Antonella Filingeri. they support our day-to-day task of implementing prevention and safety actions for the entire school community.

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