Erasmus + School Ambassadors, first meeting dedicated to training and enthusiasm – Indire

As part of Festival of Europe zu FlorenceMay 10th and 11th was the first coordination meeting of the new network of Erasmus + school ambassadors.

The over 250 teachers presentfrom all Italian regions were welcomed by the coordinator of the Erasmus + INDIRE National Agency, Sara Pagliaiand by the staff of the agency supporting Italian schools to make the most of the opportunities offered by the school education program.

The new network – which represents an evolution of the experience carried out by the ambassadors of the eTwinning community, which has been active since 2009 – consists of teachers, school administrators and school staff with the aim of disseminate knowledge on a regional level about the possibilities offered by the Erasmus + program and through eTwinning and to favor the internationalization of schools present around national territory.

The components of the network were selected to support, in collaboration with the regional school officesthe activity of the Erasmus + Indire Agency in training, promotion and orientation activities on the program, also through the organization of regional and national seminars.

The inauguration ceremony of the new network took place on May 10 in Florence, as part of a two-day coordination and training of the network. The meeting allowed the foundations to be laid for a collaboration – which will develop until 2027 – between the agency Erasmus + INDIRE, the representatives of all regional school offices and the new ambassadors, aims to increase the number of Italian schools benefiting from European cooperation.

“One of the main objectives of the new regulation 2021/817, which established the Erasmus + 2021/2027 program more inclusive “Sara Pagliai emphasizes – for this reason, such a wide network of expert teachers will be a valid tool for exploring European opportunities, including for school administrators, teachers, students and schools that have never undertaken internationalization in the past.”

The seminar was also an opportunity for a Community spirit among the new ambassadorsthrough activities of Networking and team building. In addition, specific training focused on speak publicly, considers that the main activity of the ambassadors will be to be coaches of other colleagues: they will often find themselves in situations in which they have to communicate effectively to a wide audience, their skills and enthusiasm useful for promoting the internationalization of the ‘School.

Soon, a section dedicated to Erasmus + school ambassadors in the School Education Sector of the Erasmus + website will be created with more information in each contact form.

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