Erasmus Plus, IC Don Milano welcomes the Spanish delegation

L ‘Comprehensive Don Milani Institute hosted a delegation of Spanish teachers and school managers thanks to the “Erasmus Plus“, Contact person Immacolata Veneziani; an EU program in the fields of education, training, youth, sports. Within this program some key issues play key roles, such as social inclusion, ecological sustainability, the transition to digital and the promotion of participation in democratic life of the young generations.

This was announced by teacher Rosaria Aiello in a press release.

The “job-shadowing” activities – shadow work – to enrich the participating teachers in the professional, cultural and human field, provide an excellent opportunity to observe the work of colleagues, build relationships, exchange experiences and develop new learning strategies and evaluation to get.

It is at this moment of reopening that the Erasmus project, assisted by the Ins. Foreign language Annunziata Giordano, allowed us to tell our guests about the places and the country that we grew up in, through stories, visits, pictures and experiences.

It’s April 28th: ​​a beautiful sunny day and the students of the primary school Plexus Fiume Neto in the company of the fifth grade students of the Plexus Cava greet our guests, in the presence of the teacher prof. Cinzia Emanuela Deluca, of the City Council of Public Education, Drs.

The protagonists were all the students who, together with their teachers, made their small contribution. The most involved classes were the first and fifth of the primary school.

The merit of making our guests feel at home goes to the first class children, who each participated in a ballet with a Spanish rhythm.

There was no shortage of surprises: there is an unusual presence. It’s the Catanzaro Mask par excellence, Giangurgolo, masterfully performed by Catanzaro cabaret actor Enzo Colacino, guest in our complex to greet Spanish friends. The fifth-grade student Martino Mirarchi also plays the role of Giangurgolo.

The beauty of Calabrian territory was illustrated by the students through simple explanations, using geographical maps and thus improvising a fun geography lesson, completed with the homage of a painting representing the historic tourist resort “Le Castella”, an afternoon tour for our guests. , guided by the dedicated professionalism of Dr. Sandra Giglio, President of the Cultural Association “Leonardo da Vinci”.

Music, ballet and Calabrian specialties thrilled the morning, with teachers, students and all staff.

A heartfelt thank you to the teachers, to the managers of the Plexus ins. Elena Losito an ins. Carmela Costa, collaborators and parents all allowed the careful organization of the event.

Thank you to our teacher Prof. Cinzia Emanuela Deluca, who projected us into this special reality with her vision of a “world citizen”.

Spending time in another country to study, learn and work should be the rule, it should be the rule.

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