Erasmus + brings the Agricultural Technical Institute of Catanzaro to Europe

At the end of a very hard selection, it is with great satisfaction that Dr. Rita Elia School Principal of the Istituto Tecnico Agrario Vittorio Emanuele II announces that the school she directs has been approved to participate in the funding of the Erasmus + program.

The important recognition – writes the manager – of the application for the KA120 accreditation for the school sector was made possible by the design team of professors Patrizia Massara and Manuela Crapis, who in recent years have significant experience on the topics of design in a European Key ..

A treacherous way, however, ingeniously overcome with an 80/100 vote, which projected the Catanzaro Agricultural School into the Olympus of the schools that achieved this important recognition, proving the high level of professionalism of the design group, for the Achieving a goal dreamed, sought, and achieved that rewards the tenacity and determination of those who know their worth and spend not only for personal satisfaction, but above all for giving the students of this school unrepetual opportunities.

A result that was made possible by the foresight of the teacher, who wanted the school to participate in the difficult selections with the awareness of the importance of its role in the regional agricultural education.
So finally Vittorio Emanuele II from Catanzaro comes to Europe, and he does so from the front door, proudly with his head held high and, after metabolizing the understandable euphoria that results from the good news, this school community is well aware of the responsibility which she assumed from that moment on.

The project consistently presents with the courses of activated studies, deals with environmental issues and sustainable development in accordance with the dictates of the 2030 Agenda and with the PNRR, proves that the ITA is always in place and good practices in the company from a European perspective.

With the transnational education that will be carried out over the next five years in different European countries, we have the ambition to favor the academic success of the students by practicing inclusive, innovative and active practices.
The implementation of the Erasmus + program will make it possible to promote the European dimension of education through mobility, which will enable participants to acquire ever broader language and professional skills. An ambitious project for a school, whose profession has always been the training of trained technicians, but is now enriched with new opportunities. In fact, the project stems from the training need for greater integration in the process of internationalization and strategic development of the European dimension. The intent is to take action to make curricula more international and to train teachers and students to respond to the needs of a globalized society, fostering cultural enrichment through dialogue between peoples of different cultures and languages.

The project team was aware of the need to improve English language proficiency by participating in transnational mobility as well as obtaining language certifications to improve the ability to enter the world of work with the ambitious goal of a European To build an identity and to belong to the feeling of belonging to the Union with new formations and experiences.
Thanks to the accreditation, for the years 2022/2027, the Istituto Tecnico Agrario Vittorio Emanuele II of Catanzaro, thanks to its design vision, for five years, brings its children in Europe to the Institute towards European training standards constantly advanced and innovative.

The impact on the training will be measurable in progress and at the end of the project, the students who participate in the return of the training experience will share the results with the whole school community.
Thus, in a small provincial school, on the edge of the world, from today on, pupils and young people are discovering new opportunities, who enroll with new confidence in this school, to be part of a school community that imagines the future of its . Students who go beyond classical education and are given a passport to make them feel like full European citizens.

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